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  1. James, I've been getting a lot of trub with the Robobrew and the IC too but I've been doing mainly no-chill. I think the chiller coil interferes with the whirlpool and next time I do this I'll try the whirlpool first, let it sit then put the chiller in. With no-chill I still get trub in the cube but I use one of those taps with a sediment reducer and chock the cube so the sediment goes to the opposite corner. My first few brews had terrible mash efficiency and I'd a have a pack of DME on stand-by. I think one of my problems was with the strike water temperature. The volume markings on Robo v1 and v2 are a bit off and I think I over compensated and ended up with a too hot mash. More recently I've been starting slightly lower then using the pump and elements to raise to mash temperature. Last few brews have been 85-90% mash efficiency and I've had water on stand-by. Also, I seem to get more extract from 6kg than I do from 7+. Are you in the robobrew users facebook group? There's a lot of experience there.
  2. Bacon and Beer Festival Anyone out there near Boston? I'll be there on the weekend of 9/10 June and was looking at what's on. Only this boston bacon beer thing.
  3. Ida Bintang boot, favor. Just back from a week in Timor Leste and learnt that Tetun phrase quickly. Ida Bintang kiik for the regular 330ml - if you're not so thirsty.
  4. Thanks - they're 'open' 7 days a week and I can walk there with my shopping trolley.
  5. Hi lamensterms, I've got a robobrew 2 and at first I was worried I'd wasted my money (~$500) and that I should have gone for a simpler (as in a more basic) urn set up. First - the "malt pipe" was missing a foot so I had to chock it at sparge time. KegKing sent me a new one but it took a couple of weeks and a few brews. But they sorted it without problems. Second - the temperature sensor was all over the place and would often cut out the power during the boil. Kegking were somewhat helpful but since I opened it up and pushed all the connections on tight it has been working like a charm. Third - the instructions were dreadful. Looked like they'd tried the infinite number of monkeys approach but only got half the monkeys. I've done 18 brews with it in the 9 months I've had it and the last 15 have gone without a hitch. So, overall I am happy with the unit and the support. The QC seems a bit iffy but the support and service have been good. There's a facebook group or two and it seems like most people have no problems, and some people have problems that get resolved. With the latest model they say they have addressed a few issues like the inaccurate markings. Documentation looks much better too. As far as limits go, it's difficult to mash when getting up to 7kg or more grain. My last brew (Belgian quad) had around 9kg so I did 1/3rd in a BIAB on the stove and used that as the sparge water for the rest. Ended up with 20 liters at OG 1.095. So there are workarounds. Clean-up might be easier in an urn. As long as you clean up the same day it's not too onerous. I hose out the inside and squirt into the pump inlet til it comes out the top, heat it up a bit with plain water and recirculate. doesn't take too long. Overall I would say, for the price, it is a very good unit.
  6. +1. ... and at least one who is (was) not a Gose fan. But this hit the spot for me. Tried it on Sunday afternoon after a brew morning and garden work and it was a good balance. Not sour sour. Reminded me of a ginger beer/pale ale but with no ginger. I could have sessioned it if the other bottle had have been cold.
  7. RonaldW2 FYI there's an active FB group if you're after advice. V good on placating tips.
  8. according to google... one of the reviewers here thinks it's worth the 50 minute drive from Regina to Moose Jaw for H.B. supplies. They don't seem to have a website though. Perhaps they don't cater for kit/extract brewers - and that would explain the high setup costs. (I have lived and brewed in Canada - but that was a long time ago and in Ontario)
  9. Mine is post number 148 on this thread. Found it on ebay and the FV just fits nicely. It's no good for cold crashing but fine for brewing ales.
  10. Things I've found with this: I've made some good beer with this - much improved on the k+k and my early attempts at BiaB. * If I want to do a stronger beer (say more than 6kg grain) then I'll split it and do a smaller stove top mash (or add some DME at boil). Boiling is OK though. It is the mash that's a bit tight. If I put all the grain in the Robo and switch the pump on, it sucks all the water from the bottom before it can percolate through the grains. * Mine was saying that it was over heating and kept turning off with error messages every few minutes. It did this for the first few brews. I took the base off and tightened the connections and it's been fine since. * For cleaning - I put all the parts that fit in the dishwasher. Others, I run water through the pump to waste, then with clean water, bring to the boil and recirculate for a while. (overkill possibly). The metal ring that snaps in near the top rim - that supports the malt pipe needs to be pulled out as there is a lot of crud in there after the boil. * Their instruction manual need a little proof reading but you can usually figure out what they mean.
  11. Yep - I'll take a Guinness over a Passiona any day. However' date=' I brew a new world IPA a couple of times a year to feed to the friends. Last one was a compromise: Imperial Pilsner/IPA with lots of Saaz and a bit of Dry Hop Amarillo. Turned out well. I had a taster glass at a bar in the US: - of a 110 IBU IPA - and it was a nice [i']drop[/i]. But no way could I have got through a middy of it. And it did me in for beer that evening.
  12. I got one of these for my birthday - the "BoozeBud" one (case of 25). Took a sneaky peak at the first one (I'm overseas for day 1 to 16' date=' and besides, I'm not religious)...[img']innocent[/img] What! They've put a Cider in here. The Second one: it's a cider too. It's ALL cider.. Turned out to be Boozebud's error and they're sending the beer. They would have replaced it had it been an error at the buyer end so it wouldn't have been the worst thing. ... and I get to keep the Cider. You should be pretty safe with Beer Cartel.
  13. An excellent mostly home brew FN6P evening shared with Joolbag. I've deliberately excluded a 0 US Amber Ale (DB) in order to qualify for this thread. 1 IPL (JB) 2 Scottish Mild (DB) 3 Pilsner (JB) 4 UK Old (DB) 5 Imperial Pilsner/IPA(DB) 6 Non-home brew Belgian dark (Some random Belgian place) Straffe Henfdricks Quadrupel. All yum. - JB be free to elaborate - I can't remember the details.
  14. Where are you from? The best kit Dark Belgians I've made have been with 2xcan Brewferm (Grand Cru) + Belgian dark candy sugar to 21 liter - but they no longer have a distributor in Australia. New Zealand / Auckland has it. For a plum / raisin flavour - try a mini/partial mash that includes some Aromatic Malt. This is not my specialty but it is my grail. I'm aiming to approach my all-time-number-one-best-beer-in-the-world-beer**. A lovely dark Belgian. . Now I've returned to all grain I'm getting closer. I'm also planning to add some Maderina hops to my next two Belgians (a Gulden Draak type golden ale and the Straffe #2) ... also try 500g dates in a boil instead of 500g some other sugar. ** still enjoying the search...
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