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  1. Hairy I hear what you're saying, i'm really starting to think it just might be a crap brew LOL [lol] [lol]
  2. It seemed to taste ok when bottling, all of them seem to have floaties, though I'm beginning to think it might be hops because it all went in commando. The ones I have checked and the majority are in PET's. They are not gushers but the PET's went very firm after a week, never had that happen though i'm not ruling out that they are just at the right temp and good yeast. I'll wait a couple of weeks and see how they go. I'm about to put another in the FV and i'll need some of these if they are farked. otherwise i'll be buying some of the glass bottles with the flip top. 2 bucks each from crazy clarkes. thanks for the replies lads, muchly appreciated
  3. I've heard about it, i've read about it i've even dreamt about it, I never thought for a minute i'd be experiencing it. My first possible brew infection. I am shattered. My celebration ale is not tasting so great. A week in the bottle and it has a white floaty like substance toward the top and I cant really describe the tast. I know you ask it's only been a week. It's extremely carbonated and had been in the FV for close to 5 weeks due to other commitments. The beer appears clear. Do I wait or ditch. The million dollar question. My cleaning technique is brewkleen and starsan to which I am very particular about. The only time I can see I have introduced infection was dry hopping at day 5 when I opened the lid. Any advice appreciated Thanks alot. Benny.[crying]
  4. Couttsy, I throw my hops in commando and I find that after time it settles out in the sediment at the bottom of the bottles. I find if I leave them in the fridge for a week the sediment is compacted and very little escapes into the glass. Good luck and welcome to the land of a wealth of knowledge. [biggrin]
  5. I found my pale ale I bottled 2 weeks ago cleared up quick and has been slow to carbonate to. I used safale I think, I CC'd it the weather is cool here so that may be the contributing factor, I'm getting very little sediment so I'm guessing time is the key. Are you using PET or glass. I have mine in the PET, retightened caps no luck yet. Good luck you'll be right [biggrin]
  6. Det tog mig 1/2 timme att s\xe4tta allt detta i Google \xf6vers\xe4tter bara s\xe5 jag kunde h\xe4nga med \xe4mnet. T\xf4i ch\u1ec9 c\xf3 th\u1ec3 l\xe0m m\u1ed9t c\xe1i g\xec \u0111\xf3 kh\xe1c nhau, v\xec t\xf4i c\xf3 th\u1ec3 LOL[biggrin]
  7. Has anyone tried this one yet?? [love]
  8. Hey Otto how did the date out go, a few frothies and future brew day date??? [bandit] [rightful] [biggrin]
  9. Hey PB2 if you have a stash of the white O-rings left how can I get my hands on a couple for my old FV. I have a used one you could batter and chew on [innocent]
  10. Based on evidence presented I purchased 5X9cm tea strainers today for a dollar each, will have another crack at the celebration with the tea strainer and see if I have a noticeable difference. My 65grams of commando hops is free balling backstroking at the moment [roll] [cool] Good luck either way i'm sure there will be a fine product at the end whatever you run with [happy] We called the big marbles tombola's when we played marbles
  11. Beechworthbeer has anyone tried this yet. It was hop heaven, looking for a K&K clone, I found the cascarillo rivalled this for hop goodness[love]
  12. I have a celebration ale on the go and dry hopped it today by throwing the hops in commando. I have found that after cold crashing and popping the bottle in the fridge for a couple of days the hops particles settle out well and there is minimal in my glass. The odd bit gets through but its a good excuse to swill another mouth full of nectar [kissing]
  13. Hey Stickey I've got a hold of my old fella to, is that the wrong thing to do [bandit] [biggrin] [whistling Im sure there's chemistry here PB2 haha [cool]
  14. I did the same with my last brew, needless to say the brew turned out great. That's what I get for swapping from the old s bender to the 2 piece in an aim to jazz things up. OHHH I can just guess Muddy is squirming over this LOL [innocent]
  15. Could make way for PB2 to advocate for a new forum topic [love]
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