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  1. My local Woolies has deranged the carbonation drops, managed to pick up the last 5 bags @ $1.70 each........if this has been deleted nationally you might want to check out your local Woolies store.[biggrin]
  2. No apparently there has been "huge" demand for the Saison!!!!
  3. Thanks....great site got the saaz hops from there as well....presume you just steep them in the coffee plunger?
  4. Can't find the Belle Saison yeast anywhere.......any ideas?
  5. These look amazing has anyone tried to make one from these recipes?
  6. Thanks......will get him to try and pour into FV and let it brew away normally.
  7. Mate just bottled up a batch of kit ginger beer. He wanted to do a non alcoholic one for the kids but realized after bottling that he added the full 1kg of sugar and the carbonation drops at bottling stage. He brewed for about 3 hours then bottled as per the instructions.....will the extra sugar cause the bottles to explode[unsure]
  8. Thanks Mark....I'll see how this goes and try the Black Rock one. I usually just rotate around the OS Coopers kits and thought I would have a bash at something different. I am a little worried though that I might have to wait so long to age normally struggle to wait much more than 3 months. I guess I just have to keep building up the supplies until it becomes drinkable[biggrin]
  9. I just started a batch of Brigalow Cider to which I added 6 litres of Apple Juice from Woolies to make the batch up to 23 litres. I thought that I read that you could do this but now I am having doubts!!!! What was the nutrients packet that was with the kit for? and do you think the yeats will be able to chew through the extra juice I added or should I have upped the ante?[unsure]
  10. Did anyone get to try the Puffing Billy single batch done by Little Creatures. Personally though it was awsome and well worth trying to replicate. If anyone knows how to get a brew close to that then can they share a recipe?[biggrin]
  11. I'm at Emu Heights NSW....must be close to Hairy! I just assumed that it would be better.....next brew will be tap water then: case closed!
  12. I have been using 20 litres 'ish of spring water every time I do my brews, however someone told me I was wasting money doing this. I have assumed that the spring water will be much purer and hence better tasting. Is this true or just a waste? I only use the kits as well.....
  13. Alright just a quick update.....turned out a nice rusty colour a bit like a Beamish Red (it was nowhere near as dark as I expected given the Molasses). Head was good. Taste wise is extremely drinkable with a slight nutty taste. Strength wise don't expect much sense to come out after 4th longie!!![cool]
  14. Recipe of the month (and most kits) state .....Store the bottles out of direct sunlight at 18\xb0C or above for at least 1 week while secondary fermentation occurs. Your beer can be consumed after 2 weeks. How long should be the recommended wait before the guzzling can commence??
  15. Hi Canadian.... Colour wise it was like coke with OJ in it ie a muddy dark gold/brown. I did not taste it pre-bottling but the FG was as low as that (this surprised me as I was thinking it would be higher) The style I was after was a 80 shillings from Scotland. Cheers Paddy
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