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  1. Hey guys, Been really busy with work lately, and I've had some cerverza sitting in primary ferment for about 3 months now. Temperature has been stable, as as far as I can tell no contamination has taken place (fingers crossed). My question is, is it still safe to bottle and brew (assuming the gravity is on point or close to)? [pouty]
  2. Thanks LordEoin, it seems there's not too much you don't know about brewing haha! Think tossing the whole 28g in is the best option?
  3. Im using coopers BE2, along with the coopers mexican cerveza canned concentrate. the hops i have (excuse my lack of knowledge about these) were a freebie, they say on the packet: FIRST GOLD A.A 8.3 % 28g. I believe he said they were 'spicy' hops.
  4. fellow beer lovers. Just finished up a fantastic batch of mexican cerveza, and am itching to make another one. Friend at my brew-it-yourself store gave me some hops to throw in (spicy ones i do believe) My question is, better to make hop tea and throw in at the start of the fermentation process or dry hop? much thanks! [happy]
  5. mine was definitely clear before bottling. just cracked a beer a little early... (7 days after bottling) wow! shocked at how good it tastes. looking forward to how they'll taste after another 7 days.
  6. sorry for the late reply! as it turns out, it was a faulty reading (phew) i used three other hydrometers to be sure, all read 1.010, bottled two days ago, tastes very light as expected and almost fruity. i used the cerveza kit, with BE2, as directed on the label.
  7. [pouty] my gravity on day nine is .997, anyone know why this may be the case?
  8. Awesome, Natural temp where I brew is 22C, good to know it won't ruin it. Assuming you also mean drinkable two weeks after bottling not after 14 days total right?
  9. Lordeoin, what temperature did you ferment at? Starting a batch tomorrow.
  10. The first brew was the original from the box brew that came with the kit (not sure on the name?) It has a sort of sour taste to it, with an almost licourice after taste. Bottled two days after gravity, waited 10 days to taste first sip. Still have faith it will somehow get better! If 22 degrees is ok, then I'm assuming the beer must have gotten infected somehow? I believe I read around 18 degrees usually works best in the forums? Thanks again!
  11. hey guys, starting up my second brew (first one wasn't the greatest....) Using coopers mexican cerveza, sounds yummy! along with coopers brew enhancer number 2. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong with the first batch.. (i think temperature was too high, was usually around 22 degrees as of the brewityourself store guy's advice) alas, just wondering if you guys have any tips for this particular brew? thanks! [devil]
  12. thanks for the warm welcome! definitely not getting discouraged to say the least, such a fun hobby, definitely worth the wait too! the fella at my local brew-it-yourself shop mentioned that i shouldn't let the temperature drop too low, as it would take a long time to ferment, so i've been keeping it in the 21-22 range. pulled a second sample to for the hydrometer test today and its reading roughly 4 (kind of hard to tell), yesterday's was 5, so i think its almost ready for bottling. had a quick sip, not as bad as i thought! once again, thanks for the warm welcome looking forward to reading through the forums and starting a second batch as soon as these are bottled! cheers! [cool]
  13. Hey guys, New to the home brew, and new to the forums, I'm 6 days into first DYI brew, hoping for any advice or tips, or even just to watch a new brewer brew some great (hopefully) beer. Sterilzed everything before tossing in ingredients etc, stirring, have kept the fermenter pretty steadily in the 22 degree zone the entire first ferment, and took the collar off on day three when the foam subsided. Gravity at beginning was roughly 31, and after 6 days the first gravity is approx 5. My only question is, the beer itself doesn't smell as.. well.. delicious as i had hoped. I wasn't expected a perfect brew from the first batch, but i was keeping my fingers crossed. Is this smell normal for around the time its at? it does smell like beer, just not yummy beer. [roll]
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