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  1. G'day Gents, It's been a few Months! Not been brewing much due to surgery 6 months ago and still recovering but had to look in today when I received the email regarding the Web site change and copying all the labels and recipes or loose them. Well I suppose it had to be done but I certainly don't want to have to go through that again! And could of spent my time on something more constructive tonight. Thankfully I didn't have them all in here......... Hope everybody has been brewing (doing) well. :-) Beers Marty
  2. I just have to share this one with any Stout Lovers out there or even those wanting to try something new. I kegged my new Chocolate Stout on Tuesday and gave it a try last night. Couldn't help a sip of it this morning either. Don't tell her in doors! Anyway I've listed below what I used and how I did it. The Dextrose may seem a little much but honestly this is absolutely beautiful. (Next time I may try 4x Vanilla Pods just to see if the Vanilla comes through more, but to be honest I'm loving how this has turned out anyway) SG 1060 FG 1018 Coopers Stout, 1kg Dark Dry Malt, 700g Dextrose, 400g Lactose, 300g Maltodextrin, 2x Vanilla Pods, 200g 70% Pure Cocoa, Safale S-04 Yeast, 7g Finings 1. The boring bits clean / sanitise and soften the Brew Can in hot water 2. Add 2 litres of boiling water to the saucepan and add the Tin, Dark Dry Malt, Dextrose, Lactose, and Maltodextrin 3. Break up the Chocolate and slowly add it to the hot mix and ensure everything is dissolved and mixed thoroughly. 4. Cut the ends off the Vanilla Pods and slice down through the centre. Remove all the Vanilla seeds by scraping along the length with the back of the knife 5. Add the Vanilla seeds to the saucepan 6. Strain hot mix into the fermenter 7. Top up fermenter to 23 litres with cold water 8. Record the start Gravity and temperature 9. Add yeast, Seal Fermenter with lid and Airlock at around 20 degrees C 10. Placed on a heat pad to maintain the temperature Day 14: Mixed and added Finings Day 21: Racked off into a clean fermenter Day 23: Transferred to pre-prepared keg. Gas, burp and leave at 10 PSI
  3. Thanks for all the advise fella's. I have finally put down a brew using the Fermatasaurus. It became obvious that I need to rethink and refine my processes! Transferring the mix from large saucepan to the fermenter: I purchased a 5 litre jug and strained the mx into the jug and then poured into the fermenter! Flaming dribbled like a bad tea pot and I then had to repair the kitchen before her in doors noticed! It wasn't long before I realised that I needed to move it to it's final spot behind and on top of the bar and then top up with water. It wouldn't of been much fun trying to move it after filling! I also noticed before I got started that the silicon tube had split where it connects to the float so I had to shorten it a little more. I hope that doesn't happen every brew or it won't be long before I need a new tube. Anyway, all done now and in situ with the spunding valve fitted and set to 10psi. Gate valve open and looking forward to the results.....
  4. G'day Everyone, Not been on in a while due to work but I've not stopped brewing! Well, I got myself a Fermentasaurus but as yet I've not used it. Before I do are there any hints and tips from those that have used it? I treated myself to the pressure kit and I have a spunding valve on order. I've been waiting for valve to arrive before I do my first brew in it and that's expected to arrive next Saturday. Cheers
  5. I very nearly purchased one yesterday as one of my standard fermentors is in need of replacement, but thought I would research it a bit first. Now I will watch this thread with interest to see how things go for others before I take the plunge. Please keep the feedback coming.....
  6. Another great video and a floor cleaning exercise thrown in for good measure! haha
  7. I like the new fermenters Titan8
  8. G'Day Everyone, Not been on for a while due to work load but thought I would give an update on the above three brews. Well all were Kegged and the Cooper ROTM 1st Borough Lager Keg has blown - What a nice drop that was. #2 came out very nice indeed and #3 which was the one I overdosed with Dextrose actually came out very nice. I would recommend all three. Well it's Sunday and back to work early tomorrow so I had better sign off and get Brewing the next batch! Cheers
  9. Sorry for the delay, I've been away working. Yes, it deducts the money by the volume poured so you can basically sample whatever you fancy and go back for more of what you like. The scary bit was watching the money/balance on the top up card going down on the display screen as quick as the beer was pouring, but it wasn't over priced at all and I really enjoyed the experience. Speaking to the fella there he said that another venue was in the pipeline for Sydney. Take a look at: www.tapsaustralia.com.au
  10. As the Topic Heading says, I spent a few days up in Noosa Queensland during the week and stumbled across a great little bar. Taps in Mooloolaba, in the Sunshine Coast. A great idea where you get yourself a pre-pay card which you top up from behind the main bar then off you go pouring your own beer from the many taps located around the pub. Swipe your card and then pour as much or as little as you like and your card is simply deducted with the value of what you pour. If you are in the area, pop in and enjoy. I did!
  11. I’ve used French Oak Chips twice now and must admit they add something special to the brew. Once fermentation was complete, I rinsed off the powder from 100g of French Oak Chips under running water and then placed them in a muslin bag. Wet the bag and microwaved on high for 20 seconds to sterilise. I then put the bag into a 2nd fermenter with 200g of Dextrose and racked off my fermented brew into the 2nd fermenter and left alone for two weeks in a fridge before kegging. Once kegged, I left alone for four weeks before I dived in. I must admit the first time I did this, I loved it. The second time it was nice, but not as good as the first. I found the taste over powering because of the amount of Chips I used. Personally I would go down to about 30g next time and see how it goes.
  12. Hey Cheeky That is interesting' date=' you'd have to trust PB2 even though it seems counterintuitive. The recipe states that its a Vienna style lager, yet it is brewed at a pseudo temperature of 15 degrees, almost a California Common, not quite Ale temps and not quite Lager temps. Mind you PB2 and the Coopers mob know way more about their yeast than us and these recipes are tested, therefore you know you are on a winner straight up. Cheers & Beers Scottie [i']Valley Brew[/i] "you know you are on a winner" I hope so Scottie!.........................
  13. Hi Scottie, Cheers for the input but a little late I'm afraid, all was made by the time I read your post..... I was only going to use the Saflager yeast in #1 but the recipe called for both!? It's the Coopers Recipe of the month 1st Borough Lager. (21 ltrs started at 1044 expecting FG of 1010 =4.5% in the keg) For #3 I used Ian H's spreadsheet and with 700g Dextrose it sits in the top uppermost corner of the style box for an English Best Bitter and with it starting at 1048 I hope to get around FG of 1010 and about 5% in the keg. 200g dextrose sits it in the same style box but around 4% according to the spreadsheet. I was looking for it to be around the 5% mark so I've just got to wait and see if it turn out ok. (I'll still drink it regardless) Looking at it again, I think I may of been better off using 500 LDME, 500 Dextrose, 200 Crystal grains and Dry Hopping. This would sit it bang on the money according to the spreadsheet. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good result anyway. To be honest, it's the first time I've made a brew using Ian H's spreadsheet as a guide so I'm interested to see the final result. Watch this space.........
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