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  1. Many thanks for the reply. I read on these community pages at one time, (and my apologies for not remembering to whom to assign the quote too), when someone asked whether or not to add this or that to their brew. The astute contributor simply replied, "Bung it all in!" I have decided to make that my mantra and whenever my gut suggests an addition of one type or another, Im just gunna "bung it all in". So now that Ive cracked the seal, so to speak, on these community pages, I look forward to sharing my successes and not so successful brewing experiments, with the Coopers brewing crew. Cheers
  2. Long time reader of the community pages, first time Ive decided to give SMOTY a crack. I enjoy a dark ale almost anytime of year and find the Coopers Dark Ale a little on the light side. I reckon Im attracted by the amount of hops used in this one. Like a few of the earlier respondents Im thinking of adding extra fermentables, in particular Coopers Brew Enhancer #3. I dont drive after drinking and so the extra "kick" to the ABV isnt an issue, in fact its the "kick" I crave! If anyone has tried adding extra fermentables to this recipe I would be keen to hear what was used and the outcome. Looking forward to hearing, but for now, Cheers.
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