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  1. Did the degas and put gas back. I find i only need about 8lb to pour nicely. Its only a very short lead from keg to tap. Coopers pale ale with 550gr brew enhancer 3 and 100gr maltodextrin for head. No more bottling for me.
  2. i have just kegged two brews the same and in the fridge for the first time. i was told to put 40lb for 48 hours after getting down to temp and then purge and run 10-12lb. done that and beer is very gassy but does settle. any suggestions for me before i do anything with the second keg? i have purged it and left it with 12lb for a while and then disconnected the gas. fridge is sitting on 2.5 degrees. thank you
  3. thank you for the replys. my laundry is only 10ft x 10ft and with washing machine, work bench and tubs etc i only have enough room for the one fridge which houses my kegs. ive got solar and average $40 month credit so power usage is not a problem. so refrig air conditioner set on 24 degrees seeems to work ok.
  4. I,m inland from Bundaberg QLD so my summer temps range from 18/19 at night to 30/35 daytime which was causing problems with brews. i picked up a portable aircon on marketplace for $100 and installed it in my downstairs laundry where all my brew gear is. problem solved. winter i just use a heat mat on a temp control. with a heavy towel round the fermenter.
  5. i did think that but wanted to double check. thank you all for your advice. much appreciated
  6. i am about to start kegging my brew instead of using pet bottles. the question i have is: i have been using coopers pale ale with 700gr brew enhancer 3 (to keep the alchohol content down) with 150gr maltodextrin to give good head in the bottles. Do i still need to add the maltodextrin to my brew for increased head as carbonation will be by co2 in the keg not sugar in bottles. advice will be appreciated. thank you
  7. thank you frank. being in a very small country town in Queensland (beautiful one day, perfect the next) there are lots of birds,flying foxes etc all dropping their poop on the roof which dissolves and goes into the tanks. impossible to avoid even with first flushes etc. i feel much safer drinking the bottled water and making my beer. regards
  8. solved my problem of difference in head in the one brew. as a few suggested it was the brew vat plus my tank water having bacteria in minute amunts. does anyone have any idea whether this bottled water would be suitable as they are the only ones who deliver to my little town. they assure me its ok. many thanks: We are committed to providing our clients with the finest naturally sourced spring water available in Queensland. Freshest Spring Water is bottled at the source and uses a series of filtration and sterilisation methods to ensure that the water maintains its natural mineral content. This is in contrast with many of our competitors, who instead use reverse osmosis on municipality water, which removes many of the essential minerals before bottling. Here at Freshest Spring Water, we are passionate about providing the healthiest water possible. Our spring water contains trace elements of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which are vital for overall health and wellbeing. It also has a slightly alkaline pH, helping to neutralise acidity in the body and reduce the amount of damage caused by free radicals. Our mineral-rich water helps to maintain strong teeth and bones and is a natural way to look after your body.
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