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  1. Yes I will take a picture or video if possible I am new to this group not see how this platform works
  2. So 10 days I will be safe from bottles exploding cause I bottle in glass bottles
  3. I added a 1kg brown sugar I allways add that to my ales and my friends says it much stronger in alchol than a black label
  4. Thanks cause I been reading that people leave stouts in the fermentation bucket for 4 weeks to get a higher ABV
  5. I am brewing a coopers stout I added the yeast yesterday morning at 27 C and it dropped to 20C this morning there was no action in the airlock I opened the lid to check if Krausen has formed and it was foamy and when I closed the lid, the air lock went into heavy action and hasn't stopped since then. The temperature went between 20 C and 22 C. today should I leave it for 10 days.
  6. Good day Greetings from South Africa to my fellow Brewster's. I got a question that's probably been asked frequently, when brewing ales we are advised to leave in fermenter for 7 to 10 days or after 6 days to take a SG reading and repeat process until SG is steady over 2 days, before bottling. I don't take OG and SG readings as I don't have the cylinders for the hydrometer. My question is if the temperature for an Australian pale ale or a coopers stout drops below 68F (20 celcsius) do we leave it to ferment for double the time 14 to 20 days.
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