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  1. All good. It’s wrong anyway. You’re next to the airport aren’t you? Tonight’s TAF says down to 10. Don’t let that make you put the whisky away prematurely though!
  2. Trying the red rye ipa I cooked up a few weeks ago. This is one of the taster bottles at about 3 weeks conditioning.
  3. Which forecast are you looking at? 7 tonight.
  4. Russian Imperial Stout (extract) with cold brew espresso infusion. Aged 12 months in the keg.
  5. A heart stopper. Sam Powell-Pepper’s tackle saved the game!
  6. Balter XPA clone going very nicely whilst watching Port get over the line against the Suns.
  7. Mine has been flawless so far (approx 9 months). Great for those of us who don’t want another full size fridge in the house. They have a decent warranty and Kegland are easy to deal with so I don’t think there’s anything to be too concerned about.
  8. Hoppy Days Easy ESB whilst watching the Blues destroy Freo. Couldn’t be happier really!
  9. Nice. Not going across the road to Hemmingways? It'd be happy hour too. I miss my work Cairns trips!
  10. That looks fantastic Phil! I'll have an IPA thanks ....
  11. Yeah we’re getting there. Cruelled by injuries this year. It’s been a long wait!
  12. Carlton supporter here but live in the Port heartland, so when the Blues suck like they did this week it’s nice to have a win by proxy. Especially over Sydney!
  13. Balter XPA clone by Hoppy Days Brewing Supplies. 5 weeks in the keg and going very nicely.
  14. I did not inhale … I’ve also never played the saxophone.
  15. Apricot Weissbier finally cooking this afternoon.
  16. AG Wheat Beer ready to go if I don't get called out to work tomorrow. Will add home grown apricots that have been in the freezer since last season. AG Hazy (Citra & Mosaic), however will need to double mash as I didn't scale it properly and it's more grain than my kettle can manage in one go. AG WC IPA - I think the Coastbusters recipe that @Red devil 44shared is on the cards for that one.
  17. That looks excellent and I love a good WC IPA. Thanks mate, I reckon I'll give that one a try soon.
  18. Agreed. Love the Torpedo.
  19. I love Grain & Grape, I bought my kettle from there and their service and knowledge is next level. I bought plenty from Kegland when setting up my kegerator and they’re fantastic too. If I need something from them I’ll usually buy yeast and other bits to pad out the order and soften the shipping cost.
  20. I live nearby and yes unfortunately they’re quite expensive. I’ll go there in a pinch (i.e. they’re open on a Monday) but much prefer Beerbelly in Pooraka even with the drive.
  21. David Heath’s Verdant IPA. This has turned out great.
  22. Thanks Jenny! Back to work today and back to Sydney where I caught the damn thing so hopefilly no repeats this week.
  23. That has to be one of the most magnificently organised setups I’ve seen. Impressive!
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