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  1. Yeah true. I have tried Coopers cerveza, lager, real ale and brew A IPA and the IPA is suppose to be super bitter but its the one i liked most compared to the cerveza I have found 75% malt/25% dextrose to be the best mix with these extract kits and priming with dextrose only
  2. What im looking for is different or more flavours in my cerveza but without adding any bitterness Sounds like i should be dry hopping when the brew is near done in the FV but not sure. There are so many different types of hops and different techniques, what would be recommended? cheers
  3. I typically buy dry malt and dextrose in bulk from other brew shops because the coopers store only sells 1kg or 500g It would be great if they did this because AFAIK all their products are made in australia?
  4. is it ok to put some cling wrap on the top and store in the fridge for like a month? Ive heard you shouldnt store normal food cans back in the can after opening because of the plastic lining or something. same deal?
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