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  1. i might check it out this weekend and i never remember there's a Woolies in Woodgrove lol i don't know why we need 3 of them here but it will be great during specials if they keep stocking Coopers cause I'll just visit all 3 stores
  2. thats all good cause i went to the Coburns woolies for the specaial lol so someone else left you with 1 can at the woolies in the Bronx(Melton south) haha
  3. @Frosty Chop was that the pistol club at the weir you went to with school? i remember mucking around along the train lines on the way to the weir late 80's -early 90's and the bullets ricocheting from targets or something at the pistol club were on the ground everywhere...you could hear the buzzing sound in the air before seeing them land around you haha also sorry about only leaving one can i only grabbed the last 2 of each that were in date lol
  4. @Frosty Chop my cans were all use by 05/2023
  5. i wonder if it's to stay in competition with Big w and Dan Murphys that some stores seem to still be selling it cause they're all within walking distance of each other at one complex in Melton so i think it probably does depend on which store has the demand for it but like every single other thing in this world it will be about profit somehow in the end
  6. My local Woolworths in Melton Vic still has the dark and real ale on special but everything else is normal price and still fully stocked up with pale ale and lager and draught etc..so it doesn't seem like they're going to stop selling it anytime soon
  7. Thanks Jim I've seen that vid before but i actually meant mixing 1 dark ale and 1 real ale together but i thought I'd ask first in case anyone says don't bother it will be shit
  8. thanks for the reply mate I've been reading about lactose and I'll have to try it in something for sure now and my mates old man told me he always put honey in his home brews as it apparently reduces bitterness and also ups the abv but either way i got the cans cheap so I'm happy to experiment and hopefully learn from the process lol
  9. just wondering how you guys think it a dark/real ale toucan would turn out? I'm thinking maybe too bitter but in that case would adding honey or something reduce bitterness if so?
  10. I'm in Melbourne so it just could be a Vic special or something
  11. Ok well I'm glad i stocked up then
  12. First up Hi to everyone I'm a newbie to both the forum and brewing(3rd batch almost ready English bitter with extra malt etc.. at 6% already after 6 days in the fv just to try it lol) and just wanted to say thanks for all advice throughout the forum guys as i have been reading and learning heaps already and i was rapt to see real ale and dark ale is only $5.35 at Woolies today with 2023 use by dates so just thought I'd do a shout out about it lol cheers Paul
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