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  1. So? What are the best/safest ways to up the ABV ? Yes the ROTM sound tasty but will they touch the sides? Mayby radio for desert?
  2. Ok thank you! I understand cool! Fine print should be your job for the team! Lets go shopping!
  3. Hello, Just got ROTM email with $80 free shipping. Noticed in fine print! Free shipping only applies to ROTM, anything else in cart incurs shipping fees. Is this usual? Its the first one of these I have had.
  4. Thanks all! I've been basic to date off and on over 25 years usually due to finances and limits of She Who MUST be Obeyed but these days I can do more ( she is still putting up with me) but maby I am better at negotiating? Anyway it feels good to have your support as I stuff things up with more advanced stuff.🛢♨
  5. You guys have certainly opened my eyes reading various conversations and recipes mentioning basic lager (not larger hehe) and ale cans that I used to snub! Easy to get down the road and seem to make a great base for experimentation!
  6. Cool! I'll source some of the suggested (thanks Shamus) hops try each individually at 25g and go from there. I get a bit anal and German about things like cleaning and such...ven your fingers bleed then it is clean!
  7. Thank you ☺ Ill give a few a go. Have a play! So much fun!
  8. What hops would you suggest for a beginner at dry drop for a Pale Ale or European Lager coopers can? And how much to start? I like it hoppy! ☺
  9. I want to try dry hops but I have an old Blup Blup screw top FV. Do I just take out air lock and un screw and drop bag with marbles in? Will this disrupt the ferment much? Have to date only done basic kit and kilo batches and dry extract 1.5 kg with TC Sparkling Ale. What would be a good hops to start out with in a Pale Ale can or European Lager can? Thank you for any help
  10. Agree. Accept the challenge! I also challenged my self and now have 24 × milk crates of coopers long necks for my brewing. It was a hard slog but gives me a good amount for cellaring and rotating. Have also used twisters in past worked well. As said screw back on. Seals well.
  11. Hi all, As a newby to club love all the info here. I'm a basic kit and kilo brewer using coopers long necks for years. Am going to try harvesting from pale ale as my first experimentation. Will also try some easier recipies once I can get ingredients... I enjoy Pale Ale And Sparkling Ale in winter and European Lager in Summer. I only recently dusted off my BVts and found two cans of TC Sparkling Ale and one A Pale Ale best before 2017. Got some fresh yeast and was pleasantly surprised with results! A bit darker but great creamy head.
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