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  1. Hi, I tried to achieve a clone of Stella Artois/Heineken, but Ale. Used 2 k palé Ale, carapils, AND Saaz Hops.... Not only looks great,but also keeps the foam AND tardes great. AND it tastes very similar to those.... Regards!!!
  2. Is it really necessary the mash out? Did dome batches withiut it AND with great results....
  3. Hi, I recently tried boiling the dextrose with water. 140 grs dext, 200 cm3 AND stopped after 1 minute the boiling started. Let it cool down AND added yhe exact amount of this líquid to each bottle, with a siringe. Think it has the benefits of the bulk priming but this way you ensure it bottle has the exact amount for carbonation. Regards
  4. Thank a lot!!!!! Really appreciate your responses!!!!
  5. Hi to all. Have a simple question, because I brewed a Stout Cooper's Can and added some maltodextrin to it and some dry malt. And the result is a great head, which I've never achieved them in an all grain batch!!!!! If I add this 2, to an All Grain recipe, will it improve the head?thax to all! Regards
  6. Did one batch with 10grs Citra hops dry hopping. Many said it was too little the 10grs...but I found it amazing, that little touch added the exact taste I wanted..... I think it's better to start with a little and then add....the other way around is impossible!!!!! Regards
  7. I do have a subscription to brewfather. I keep record of all my recipes there!!!! Thnx
  8. Wow, never thought of adding coffee......good idea! At what time of the fermenting do you add the coffee? Thnx
  9. Hi everybody! Just want to tell you that I ve brewed my first black. 1 Stout Cooper's can 1k dme 300 grs dextrose 250 grs maltodex 1 Nottingham yeast. Had it in the fermenter for 22 days cause I went on vacation! Carbed with the spoon for each bottle size, with corn sugar. 14 days carbonating ... Put a bottle in the fridge for 2 days And voilá!!!!! Great body, you can see the head... Never thought a coopers can could end in such a good way!!!! Even though I had bad experiences with them in the past, now I am very proud!!!! And wanted to share with you all!!!! Now, Ive brewed a red, an IPA, a blonde, a stout and have a honey in the fermenter..... Will keep you informed!!! Regards
  10. Wow,really learn a lot from your advices!!!!!!
  11. Thnx for the replies!!!! Very helpful. Planing on brew it Friday. Will keep you all informed how it goes!!!!
  12. hi to all!! Found this recipe for an ALl Grain recipe Stella Artois clone. 4k Pilsen Malt 600 grs carapils 40grs saaz (60 min) 10grs saaz (10min) Mangrove jack 54 Seems quite easy, but as I don't have temp control I cannot brew it lager! So my question is, what if I change the Mangrove yeast, for an Ale yeast (ex: Nottingham)? Does it affect too much the final result? Thanx a lot
  13. Hi, did the same batch, on December 18th. Left it on the fermenter almost 22 days in order to have no surprises with the measurements..... Bottled it last week and in 3 days the pet bottles neck seems very hard and tight! Never had an explosion but I am scared because the temps in my country has been above 38 the whole week. Think I will have them in a box so, if they do explode ....they won't hurt any body! A way to avoid this is to release some gas from the bottles.... Regards!
  14. I don't know where are you from, but I am in Argentina and here, the whole week has been 35/43°c. And as I doesn't have temp control either, I had to use kveik in order to brew a batch. As they said, it creates an enormous krausen,and in short time it reaches the fg. Although I leave it a little bit more......just in case! Regards
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