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  1. Nice photo mate could be an advert for them. Cheers
  2. Someone stop ol pints . Na all good. Guys a right pint this one
  3. He's starving for a coldy
  4. Haha looks like a good time Joe!
  5. Lovely beers Oz mate hope u holding up ok brother xx
  6. Its South Africa brother. Violent crime is unfortunately a lot more common this side of the world.
  7. Nice Amber Ale from small local brewer.
  8. Nice mate going vegan I see
  9. Yeah 6% is easy drinking for our ol Ceptor
  10. Yeah yeah old mate no im sure your liver is seasoned and accustomed to beer over the years. You've prob been doing it for as long as ive been alive, probably longer. I do find my tolerance has increased a lot since my 20s. Im only in my 30s now though and of course put on a bit of weight too. Im usually good with beers and can keep going, but that damn 6% stout is just too tasty Anyway, id love to have a session with you or any of the fine blokes who have commented on this thread. Cheers
  11. Cheers for the reply gents. Needless to say feeling a bit under the weather haha. Damn strong stout. 2 pics from yesterday
  12. Have u guys ever sessioned on a non session able beer old pints is knee deep in a HB and commercial Stout session. Wife working late. Kids on the telly
  13. Also did a Simcoe beer, IPA tin, kilo DME, and 100g dry hop. Fantastic beer that was
  14. Cheers Toner. Just made the brew. Used the 2 cans and both yeasts to 21 litres. Expecting it be on the bitter side as SoS mentioned, but excited to see the outcome. Got Galaxy, Eclipse and Chinook for the dry hop
  15. Agreed and thanks Jenny. Oh and adding hops is also an easy way to improve flavour and head retention
  16. Very kind Toner thanks mate. Once again thanks to all you gents
  17. Looks fantastic mate lovely creamy head. But what is it?
  18. @jennyss just to reiterate the other blokes, using wheat malt has upped my head retention game. I also do kit and kilo like you, with the occasional grain steep amd hop additions. This is a Morgan's amber ale, with caramalt liquid malt extract, and half a tin of wheat liquid malt extract. Just over 2 weeks old
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