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  1. Looks great quite a deep color for a pils. Looks like an ale. Will look out for it this side
  2. Ive become addicted to Stout. This one I've posted many times but its our flagship. At 6% it hits the spot in winter and is dangerously drinkable.
  3. Morgan's Amber ale 1.7kg Morgan's Caramalt LME 1.5kg Half tin (750g) Morgan's wheat malt LME Hop infusion in just boiled water 15g Southern sublime 15g Cascade 15g Morgan's American Ale yeast Will do dry hop with same hops as above 23L Cant wait
  4. In South Africa. Yes ive heard some stories of Zim. Nice people though the locals. They often come here for work etc and are usually decent hard working people
  5. Apologies not Coopers, but here in Africa this is a big score. Found a small business that stock Morgan's. Only stockist in Africa. They were sadly closing doors and had a 50% off sale. Very happy!
  6. Amen Muzza but how was the aged beer?
  7. New addition at my local bottle shop. Pleasure to drink
  8. Sound advice from our gurus SOS and Classic. Either one or all of those suggestions will give u a boost in head retention. If u like me, and like a good hop kick, add the malt powder or liquid, but be sure to add a hop tea and or dry hop too
  9. Me too Pope. Mosiac and IPA are 2 words that go well together. I can taste and smell it. What's the ABV?
  10. Real ale 3 weeks old tomorrow 1kg dme Wheat and crystal steep, 250 each Centennial and Southern sublime hop tea at flameout and dry hop Notty and kit yeast
  11. Lekker man maybe try a 1kg dry malt power or a brew enhancer 2 next time for more body, I find sugar makes a thinner beer. Good luck and let us know once u done
  12. Hmm ok. The only way I know how to get higher ABV is add more fermentables ie dextrose or malt powder etc. U might get a very slight increase but not much. What did u add with the 1.7kg can?
  13. Temperatures sound fine. Try not to open the lid if u can help it. Don't want an infection. Try keep it at that temp range u mentioned. 10 days will be fine then
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