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  1. Cheers Sainter I told my wife these IPAs are dangerous can't control myself, especially now that I've added grain steeping to my arsenal
  2. Thanks mate feels like one of my best yet. The steeping of grains really does make a huge difference, body and head wise. And taste
  3. 2 week old IPA made from draught tin with a wheat and crystL steep and centennial hops
  4. Hasn't yet hit the 2 week mark yet but had to try. 250g wheat malt 250g crystal 25g centennial for 20min boil Draught tin with 1kg DME 40g centennial dry hop Few more weeks should make a fantastic pint
  5. Eng bitter and 500gm DME. I think next time I will add a 1kg DME and a grain steep too
  6. I know very little about NEIPAs but I think big flameout and dry hop additions is the way to go
  7. Mate @ozdevilyour descriptions make me starving for a pint of that nectar
  8. Looks amazing. Love the simple IPA label
  9. That's good mate and I do agree the stuff is not good for u. It's a once in a while thing for me.
  10. Yip I do that too as I said nice to mix it sometimes too
  11. I do it neat sometimes mate
  12. Make a 3 can with the pale ales and a 3 can with the dark and amber ales. 25 litres water and a nice ale yeast of your choice. Maybe 2 packs yeast per beer
  13. Whisky at me local Very sweet and smooth. Helps having a bottle or 2 in the cabinet to let the HB age
  14. Looks like something I'd pay top dollar for well done. Can smell it from here
  15. I would of thought all those lovely pints u drink would have sent those covid bugs running!
  16. I'm trying to picture their reactions waking up to that
  17. Farewell Christina. Thank u for all you have done on the forum! A wealth of friendly and helpful information! Sounds like u have the right tools to take care of your current situation. Love from Pints aka Evan, South Africa
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