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  1. Same beer as I posted above, only difference 2 more days in cupboard then 24hr in fridge
  2. Ship all the cheap coopers tins to your boy Pints
  3. Close to 30C but house a bit cooler than that we do have insulation
  4. It's the Verdant IPA yeast! Was hot here yesterday, and that is straight out the cupboard at room temp
  5. Perhaps a small wheat or oat addition for body. I'll chat to the guys at my local HB shop. Just waiting for payday, coopers is pricey this side of Africa
  6. Cheers Jim I don't really wana add dex maybe a wee bit of DME. Otherwise 4.8 sounds fine actually
  7. Hi all friends, just want to address an already discussed topic. I want to do the stout and dark ale toucan, without anything else added. Will the head retention suffer without any other fermentables? Any advice welcome. Will do 23L. What abv should I expect ?
  8. Hefeweizen tin with a 30min hop boil, Verdant ipa yeast and a 90g dry hop. A treat at 8 days in bottle. I have the flu so the hops are helping a ton!!
  9. Like drinking a dessert. Wow
  10. A wee Sunday session for your boy Pints
  11. Looks lovely, nice rich colour. Most of mine look like that too. Well done and cheers
  12. Lovely beer , lovely shot, lovely message. Cheers mate , salute
  13. Bit of a session and a fire. Lamb chops later
  14. Draught tin with DME and hop additions. Just over 3 weeks old nice flavours developing
  15. There's a beer here called castle lite. Main megaswill I guess. Their marketing is, serve at -2 C. They have a cold indicator on the can that tells u it's cold enough. All they trying to do is numb the taste buds to the horrible taste. I like a cold lager in the heat, but other than that I can drink ale etc at a higher temp. More flavour
  16. Cheers for the advice mate. Already done the brew haha but let's see how it turns out. I like em bitter so should be ok
  17. Cheers Pale. I don't have access to wheat malt extract or anything like that, so thought I'd use the preachers weiss tin and hop it up with an ale yeast
  18. Yesterday I did: 1.7 preachers hefeweizen 1kg DME Verdant IPA yeast 23L 30min boil with 300g DME and 30g Southern passion hops. Will also do a big dry hop. 80G or so. Hoping for a creamy bodied ale!
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