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  1. If it's still in the FV vessel then I wouldn't worry mate. I've smelt strange smells too. Always turns out fine after bottle condition
  2. 20 grams is not a lot for a dry hop. Maybe the EB kit is just hopped too much for your wife's taste? Could always try a more mild tin next time? The bitter units are displayed on the coopers site if u go browse the individual tins under the shop section https://www.diybeer.com/au/english-bitter.html I see the EB is 620 BU. Quite high Mexican kit is 325 BU. Much less bitter. So don't be worried about the dry hop. It won't be nearly as bitter
  3. Should of had this one first, sweet!
  4. Gift from mate. Lovely dark lager
  5. Ah got u. Yes makes sense. I've noticed some hops are bursting with flavour others, not so much
  6. Lovely big load of hops yes. Hops are quite well priced here especially our local hops. 100g of our local hops is around 6 aussie dollars
  7. The only problem with that much malt is the beer could turn out quite sweet. Even with 1 kg ldm I need to add a hop boil for my tastes.
  8. It says makes 24 litres so u could always make it to 22 or 23 L for a bit extra ABV. Add a little dextrose maybe 300g will up ABV aswell. Although it can thin the body of the beer
  9. Love it brother! That's the way yes
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