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  1. Both look fantastic you've come a long way, well done
  2. Morgans stout with dark liquid malt and 750 wheat malt, 250g brown sugar. Rich, smooth, strong
  3. Morgan's stout with roasted dark liquid malt extract and 250g brown sugar. Starting to taste great at 2 months or so in bottle
  4. Morgan's IPA toucan. Was way too bitter at first, got it on the cheap so just an experiment. Now after many weeks, not sure how many, its perfectly drinkable. Still very bitter but lovely
  5. Beautiful mate id pay the good monies for such food.
  6. Just checked my notes, i did 22 min boil with 22 grams of South african hops, then added a dry hop of 100g mixed different S African hops. I was going for an IPA leaning ale tho. I think Phil's suggestion of (assuming) dry hop 25 grams will be a nice subtle addition, if u want to enjot the kit as is. Oh i added 1kg LDM too
  7. Its a great kit i remember dry hopping it and doing a short boil and it came out really nice. Think they use cascade hops too if not mistaken. I think the aus pale ale is slightly less bitter, and maybe a bit more hoppy aroma
  8. Hey Philter, yes its a popular craft brand here, been going for quite some years. The pale ale is 4 % very fruity amd easy sipping. They have a lager, IPA, etc too. Their beers are found at most good establishments on tap. I actually sent them a message once, they use American as well as South African hops
  9. I feel like this is our equivalent of the pale ale. Also green tin. Cheers
  10. Hi mate, always strain out the hoppy liquid before adding it to the FV
  11. Cheers Pale, yeah a great mix with solid retention
  12. Todays offering. Homebrew IPA with 2 commercial ones
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