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  1. 240L "545w x1430h x565d " "minimum" All Fridge will fit 2x30L/Coopers FV's ..modern cords on low amp Egoods are thin and flat which doesnt affect/ruin the fridge seal ..its not an issue ..unless youre super fussy and want to drill holes in the fridge ..holes are permanent but ..for heating a heat belt can be placed on the shelf around the FV that requires heating ..i dont like heat mats .."sometimes a brew will take off before the other generating its own heat" heat rises ect ect .."i use a 15w globe in a jar with black socks over it ..its more than ample" to heat the fridge up.. less power being used than both the belt/mat ..you can use the fridge to condition the bottles ..but IMO its best being used for the next brews! ..find the warmest place in your house "out of direct sunlight" cover them with a blanket and condition them there ..you'll find after a week ..two is best.. you can start to hook in ..the click groups will probably frown apon it.. but if needs be after 4-5 days you'll have a enough C02 to call it a beer and generate a smile from your efforts ..dont let pedantry hold you back ..cheers
  2. A Hefe Weizen batch is ready ..cracked one ..very tasty very skullable ..i used the WB-06 yeast fermented at 23degs for 11 'days it just kept on bubblin' ..im getting mild banana mild clove and mild bubblegum ..with a kind of wheaty pizza dough flavour "must be the wheat" ..i tried one early around the first week i was getting sour black olives ! no shet ..i was cursing it ..but alls well now very tasty ..not sour at all ..i was drinking them and doing garden work today thats a first
  3. It is Classic ..i was talking to myself describing it when drinking it ..i wouldnt shut up ..i think i said 'orr man this is so good' 50 times ..ive only got 1 left now
  4. What flavours did you find Saunders Malt gave you MR G ?
  5. Smooth ..hard to explain ..cherry /porty /muscaty ..best Coopers ive had
  6. Last time i was at the LHBS a fella walked in behind with his 9 year old son holding onto a 6KG CO2 bottle ..was thinking what a lil champ ..turns out old mate was fully blind ..apparently he comes in on his own most times ..got me thinking ..he makes his own beer sets up his lines and all the jazz blind .. imagine that ..blind ..bet his sons a good taste tester/helper as well
  7. I got a can here somewhere cant find it atm
  8. @xjjohnn0 Ill have my dangerous freedom anyday of the week
  9. @CLASSIC heres some interesting facts ..that man above had his last name changed ..an is the paternal great grand son of muslim named Ali Kemal ..a minister/offical that served for the Islamic Ottoman Empire ..interesting how these guys in particular places keep attaining positions of power all around the world ..anyone would think they all are in some kind of club https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Kemal
  10. Strata combo IPA is really nice ..ive got some nearly ready to go ..chinook on the boil ..strata at flame out ..day 5 commando the strata chinook and galaxy ..couldnt keep my head outer the fermenter after bottling
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