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  1. Thx, gonna try it. ATM the beer is very muddy, maybe because of dry hopping or the type of yeast
  2. Hello once again. Looks like my attempt to make “A Day For It” rotm, gave me a lot of questions. And here another one. I wanna try a coldcrash but didn’t realise may I do it with kveik yeast or not. I mean kveik yeast love high temperatures, will they work in bottle after coldcrash? I’ll do a natural carbonation with dextrose. And in general will ale yeast work in natural carbonation after coldcrash, or it’s only work with kegging and forced carbonation? P.S. carbonation or carbonisation?
  3. Sorry didn’t mean to offend you. It will be great to brew a beer in 2100 As for thread vs tread I think there’s a lot of mistakes in my posts. Maybe I made another one atm
  4. The tread from the future! I hope I will be a part of it!
  5. Thx for your suggestions guys. Will try more hop addition. Another problem is kveik yeast. The beer is fermenting faster with this yeast, so recipe said add hops after third day of fermentation at 35C. I could achieve only 30C, so it’s seems I should add hops later. Did anyone use kveik yeast with dry hopping? Any tips and tricks?
  6. Sorry for my English. It’s difficult to describe what I mean. The main idea - I like to mature beer longer than 2weeks ( usually I made a first try of beer after month). But with dry hopping it’s seems not a good idea because of flavour leaking.
  7. Thx i have 50gramms of mosaic and 35 of simcoe, so I can load more than recipe said. And what about maturing time? When you made a first try after bottling and how old beer can be with dry hops added?
  8. My first and only attempt with dry hopping was a hop slam ipa (bavaria) recipe. I put around 35grams of Mandarina Bavaria hops in fermenter at a day 6 and let them for another 5days as a recipe said. the recipe a do atm requires around 12gr of simcoe and 25 of mosaic to be added at the third day of fermenting (kveik yeast is used in this recipe, so the fermentations is really quick)
  9. Hi guys and ladies. For my first year as a homebrewer I made 6 different batches with different styles and recipes and one thing I learn - two weeks for beer maturing is not enough. ATM I brew “A Day For It” rotm in which a dry hopping required. I did dry hopping once and the last bottles of beer with it was awful (too grassy). I presumed it’s because of dry hopping process (the beer lost it’s aroma very quickly). So did anyone have some tricks how to combine the maturing time and dry hopping. Maybe hoptea will work?
  10. Wanna say thx for all your thoughts and suggestions. Really interesting to try kveik yeast. Here in Russia it’s cold atm, but we have heating so I can adjust the comfort temperature. It’s more easy to reach 25C than 18. Did this type of yeast work good in your climate? Seems like a good option for Australian beer makers!
  11. I’m from Russia Here Aus sound more like Austria than Australia
  12. Today I read every recipe at coopers diy site. It’s obvious what European lager is used almost only for lager recipes, but draught recipes also mostly for lager. And Mexican cerveza is often in ale recipes. Why so? Is Mexican cerveza fermented at ale’s temperature taste nice? I always wanna try it as a lager not ale. Will try “Day for it” with European lager. Found it’s in ale recipe “Citrus Sail season” which looks similar to my try. Hope it will go nice for it. sorry for my English btw, not a native speaker here.
  13. So the idea the same yeast=more similar taste profile? I will use lallemand kveik yeast in this recipe. IMO they used Mexican Cerveza in recipe because of it low bitterness and taste. The main taste of this recipe came from hops addition. In this case European lager more similar because it have almost the same level of ibu as Mexican Cerveza have. But I never use European lager as the base for hoppy ale, so maybe draught is optimal choice in my situation.
  14. Hi to all. Wanna try “Day for it” recipe. ATM I have at home Coopers Draught and Coopers European Lager cans. Can I use one of it as a substitute to Mexican Cerveza from recipe and if yes which one is better? Thanks in advance.
  15. Thank you! I am just started to try something more difficult than "put extract+dextrose+can yeast". Its very interesting which result can i achieve with coopers recipes. Btw how many cost coopers pale ale (commercial version with Green label) in Australia? Buy one bottle here in Russia for 3USD. Wanna taste it and then brew it from Australia pale ale coopers extract.
  16. Hello to everyone from Russia. Got a question - which type of malt should I use in Sunkissed Weiss recipe? In the list of ingredients I see crystal light malt, but in the text description of the recipe there is crystal wheat malt... And in general - if someone try this Weiss and have some improvements or thoughts about it - please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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