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  1. Hey. I hope your stout turned out as good as mine did in the video. I still have a few bottles left which I'm trying to hold back and savour occasionally. It has really improved with age - the choc malt flavour mellows and I have wonderful vanilla note coming through. If you can resist drinking them all, I would definitely recommend putting a few aside and forgetting about them for a few months. Anyway, happy brewing and Cheers!
  2. Hi all. I recently brewed a partial mash blonde ale using the APA as the base, but mashed some grain to make up the extra fermentables. I also added some Motueka hops whilst boiling the wort. It turned out really really good and was definitely worth the extra effort of mashing the grains. Appreciate that not everyone has the time for this kind of brew (including myself most of time) but if you fancy trying out something different, then I would recommend giving it a go. I made a video of my brew day which also includes a tasting and added it to my YouTube channel - if YT is your thing, then head over and take a look.
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