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  1. Week 4 in the bottle and time to crack a second test of the Woolale Plus 3.7 is Woolies lager 1.7kg, LME [Saunders 1kg, 250g dextrose, 250g maltodextrine, 25 lt H2O, kit yeast. Head was okay, colour is okay, Taste slight sweet, malty, light bitterness, s creamy or smooth feel in mouth with ample carbonation. I gave this 9/10 as turned out a nice beer - but a little sweet for my liming. But, I will still drink it cheers.
  2. Hi Jamiek86 I went and read the can but cannot find any reference to what the yeast is, lager or ale. Cheers.
  3. You were clear with comments Classic and I know what you were meaning. I was just giving my history with using caps with rings still in place. Cheers.
  4. I am happy I have had no issues with leaving the 'ring' on the PET and just screwing the used lid in place.
  5. Firstly, TBP you have my sympathy for having experienced the stuff and for buying a carton of it. I too have had the dreadful experience but only bought a 6 pack of the rubbish, swallowed a mouthful and threw the rest of the contents at a stray cat - it knew better than to try it. The name I believe comes from the colour you turn after sampling the rotten stuff, and the thought of death after having sampled the crud, as not being that bad if only to escape the foul taste. But, I could be wrong
  6. I have made up OS Lager with BE1 and it tasted pretty good. My next experiment is OS Lager + BE2 [equivalent] + 500gm Coopers Wheat/Barley Extract, so I'd be interested in knowing how yours turns out.
  7. Yeah Classic I tasted the Woolager Plus which included 1kg Saunders LME and 250gm Dextrose and 250gm Maltodextrin and Woolies Lager 1.7kg. It is is early for a true valuation as only been 3 weeks in the bottle. Also, the Woolager Malteaser included 1.7kg lager, 250gm dextrose and 1kg DME. It has only been in bottle 12 days so yet to give a true verdict on it as well. Patients lol.
  8. At day #12 cracked the top off a test bottle and results: Sweet, malty, golden colour, head disappears quick. Hopes this one improves in the less sweet department and will do anudda test at week #3 or abouts. Out of what I have brewed thus far the OS draught + BE2 is my favourite not including the WoolAle Plus & Malteaser. Damn it is 09.17 hrs and I am thirsty. Cheers.
  9. WoolagerAle Plus 3 week test - no head [suspect glass tainted] plenty of carbonation, malt/bitter balance [maybe a fraction sweet] smell like beer. Overall I am not fond of the sweet taste but see how it tastes at week #4.
  10. Howdy Ibooz2. Thanks for the compliments. I only label a few. I use a glue stick on back of label which comes off in water, so only advise cooling the bottle in fridge. Cheers.
  11. If I am reading this correct than 1.7 kg Coopers + 1.5kg Coopers wheat/malt = 3.7 +.5 = 4.2%
  12. Jamiek86 I would be interested to see if any difference in hyrdometer reading of both. I tried on the water I use pre-filter and after filtration there was no difference, but I am using rain water not town supply.
  13. Woolies Lager and used that yeast. But, I am thinking it may be an ale yeast as it fires up and does the job without a stagger. Also, cause I did not 'lager' it, I cannot call it a lager and hence the cross-out and name change . I did hear that Woolies Brews are Toohey's supplied. STQUINTO I hear ya. I like to know why things work and why it does not. I guess it is my nature. If something fails I need to know why, and if something works, I need to know why. Good luck with the Minister for Entertainment.
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