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  1. Put down a similar brew to the last, minus the hops - 1.7kg OS Draught, 1/2 BE3, 750gm Wheat Malt, 25 lt H2O. SG: 1.034 aiming for the usual 4% or abouts.
  2. Well done Don & Lawrie, and to the Coopers team for showing them the brewery, and bringing this bit of news to the group. Cheers.
  3. Hello MrChino. Others will have better knowledge but I would say if the recipe asks for eg: BE2 or 3 than make up the enhancer using the dry malt extract - if you only have liquid than try an extra 100 gm [4oz] for the malt side of the enhancer. If recipe asks for enhancer and malt, just add the extra malt asked for in recipe. I'd would try cane syrup if no mollases. If ya brewing in a warm environment I would use the yeast with the kit, or an ale yeast US-05 maybe. Good brewing.
  4. And don't forget a teaspoon of sugar in bottle to prime will add an extra .4 to .5 % ABV to the overall alcohol content.
  5. Interesting experiment Muzzy. I am thinking of upping the prime rate as well from 6gm white sugar to 8 gm.
  6. After three weeks in the bottle it was time to sample test the OS Draught + Wheat/Malt + 1/2 BE3 + cascade hops + US-05 yeast which came out tasting nice, with a floral-citrus tinge. I will need to do anudda sample test next week to see how much change as it is still a bit young. Cheers.
  7. Yes, same here but not worried about having to log in each time I visit.
  8. As long as ya not feeling Grumpy as the other dwarfs may get jealous - hahaha I cracked a funny
  9. I had this when using US-05 yeast. But only took 36 hours for any action to kick off.
  10. I did the tea in a small plunger and poured into FV just before the yeast. Temp was at 24deg so all good.
  11. I used a tea of Pride of Ringwood 12gm with OS Lager and BE3 and it tastes great.
  12. No drama here for a cuppla weeks or so, and even then it was not bad.
  13. BarraMulla Bitter @ 4.1% abv using OS Lager + BE3 + PoR hops + 26lt h2o = a very nice drinking lightly bittered ale. Head was there and web clung to glass - tho not overpowering - I will keep this recipe as my preferred bitter.
  14. Yep, it was easy to wash out and not caked hard at the top of the krausen layer like other yeast. Maybe the wheat extract kept it on the top. There was a good layer as usual on the bottom but did not appear firm when I washed the FVF out after bottles filled. Beer smelled good so I am not overly concerned but will put US-05 on the bottom of the list unless a great beer is yet to be drunk lol.
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