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  1. Hi. I brewed as per the recipe kit and got OG reading of 1055, and FG of 1012 after 7 days and bottled 4 days later when was still at 1012. I added the hazelnut syrup at day 3. Tried a bottle after nearly 3 weeks and it was amazing...good luck!
  2. Yeah - soz 'bout that. Big sample + empty stomach = all sorts of trouble!
  3. The recent craft ROTM hazelnut chocolate stout. I actually had the Bad Shepherd double choc hazelnut brown last night (one of the best beers in Oz I reckon) and this one is pretty bloody close! Beautifully creamy and full of body and that hazelnut on the nose and chocolate at the end! Oh man! Only been in the bottle about 3 weeks and is only going to get better
  4. “Don’t fancy yours much”
  5. Yes...always good practise to rinse your glass just before the pour, regardless of how they were washed. Nothing worse than a mucky/detergent residue glass (well obviously there are lots of things worse but you get my drift! )
  6. Keep your eye on gumtree / Facebook marketplace for one of these beauties. I picked one up for $20 and made my life so much easier. My regime is to rinse bottles after drinking. I make a mix every few months or so of a couple litres of water and stellarsan solution and use this to swish around the FV before brewing and then use that in the below to sterilise bottles on bottling day after leaving them to soak overnight in the Aldi laundry soaker others have mentioned. I take the ‘belt and braces’ approach, but I only have the craft fermenter so only do a few bottles at a time.
  7. I’m sure I read somewhere that starsan at the correct level of dilution will last several weeks. As long as ph level is something like 3 or lower it will be ok. Happy to be corrected but I’ve been reusing a batch for about 6 weeks at a time or longer before chucking away and (so far) not had any issues. Bought some pH testing strips from eBay to double check.
  8. Thanks - just read in another forum that some use a growler and thought to myself oh yeah, I've got one I've not used in ages just laying around...much easier than trying to rummaging around in the tupperware cupboard trying to find one that's big enough, then find the matching lid!! Cheers @ozdevilpanic over!!
  9. Urgent help needed please. I was just about to brew up a stout (the Coopers Craft Laneway Latte recipe). I had recently bought a stash of the 1.3L tins and thought I had the required Bewitched Amber in the cupboard. I had boiled the chocolate malt grains (not yet added the lactose) but when I went to the cupboard....no Amber Ale tin! I used it the other week in another recipe. What a plonker! Now my question is...If i keep the boiled wort in the fridge in sterilised container over the next 72hrs or so, will it be ok to add to the extract when I get it from the LHBS on Monday? Or should I just bin it and start afresh again...thanks in advance!
  10. Also agree the Bridge Road Saison is a fantastic beer. For another good Aussie example of the style try https://www.boatrocker.com.au/products/saison-du-bateau
  11. A little tasting paddle of a selection of Coopers Craft recipes..."The Hoff" Hefe, "Camilla's Folly" ESB, a hopped-up, bastardised version of the "Wort Hog" Pale with extra hops in the boil, dry hop and a hop tea added for good measure, plus some lactose chucked in to give it a bit more body and balance (this one is bloody fantastic even if I do say so myself!) and the "Gila Moster" Black IPA, which just gets better week by week in the bottle. And the paddle is homemade too! All in all, as you can see from my face, I was a very proud boy!
  12. Thanks @Aussiekraut and @Tone boy... something like this? https://nationalhomebrew.com.au/beer/dry-wheat-malt-extract-500g
  13. Hi All. In my 8.5L Craft fermenter I brewed up The Hoff https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/the-hoff.html using Mangrove Jacks M20 Yeast and whilst the flavour is bang on, full of banana-y esters and cloves, the body is quite thin and the alcohol content (at least according to my hydrometer readings) is pretty low at 3.5%. How can I give it a boost next time to get a fuller body and mouthfeel? Many Coopers craft (8.5L) recipes call for using 100g of malt grains to create a wort to add to the malt extract. Would that be worth it and if so which malt would work? Or would a brew enhancer be the way to go? Any ideas please? Thanks and cheers!
  14. I've been looking at some old Coopers Craft recipes and as I'm a stout lover, noticed a lot of them used the now-discontinued Mr.Beer Winter Dark Ale. Does anyone have any ideas or solutions as to a substitute for this in a craft brewing volume (8-10L)? Thanks
  15. I’ve used a heavy bottomed sterilised shot glass in the muslin bag...fills up with the wort and that extra weight helped keep the bag down.
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