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  1. 18 to 20 degrees 20 will make it fire up and ferment faster than 18 some would say 18 makes a cleaner tasting beer. I'd be lying if said noticed a different but staying under 20 with that yeast is definitely a good idea.
  2. I reckon real ale Is closer to the bitterness as well mate I'd go for that might just lack the premium malt otherwise close.
  3. thats a bit harsh guys knocking someone wanting to try something new. @Classic Brewing Co not having a crack mate but to say it's dumb idea maby u just meant it's not your thing?
  4. got some peroni too let my own lagers age could probably drink some of it but keeping in front of stocks in case I am able to host an oktoberfest
  5. @Shamus O'Sean @Graubart very nice looking all grain brews there guys licking my lips
  6. @MUZZY are you saying you can taste hop flavour in the tc range or just like the balance of bitterness to malt ratio?
  7. just a 4 1/2 day cold crash I.dont add finings or gelatin or anything to any beer because use kits. it's a recepie I saw someone else use off coopers page was a coincidence I had the Canadian blonde tin for a hoppy ale then decided on this.
  8. hello and welcome what country are you in? without trying to be rude you have asked quite simple questions that could be answered a dozen ways. my advise would be have a look at coopers online store or product info links in tab at top.right of site. it includes bitterness and colour info of each tin etc. then a recepie section with over 15 pages full. watch the beginner video on mixing brew and taking readings why your waiting for replies.
  9. easy drinker lager Canadian blonde and malt tin with 86 days pils slurry 4.7% no hop flavour
  10. @Mickep no need be sorry I was just confused by it the recepie sounds nice coming into summer although happy with my Euro lagers I'm looking for good Aussie one. I recently done the true blue Aussie lager that uses Canadian blonde tin actually really nice 5 weeks in keg. No hops so 10 grams of POR being a strong hop would go nice next time. I've been having trouble getting my posts to work so thanks for the recepie and I'll post my own results in time just need to put order in for POR.
  11. next brew you do use a kilo of light dry malt or tin of liquid malt the kg of dextrose will make beer taste like cider and be thin and watery. But if your not fussy it may just be right for you but don't expect a head on the beer beyond 10 seconds
  12. I heard it was a nice thick krausen like us 05 and ripped through the ferment fast. The one time I used it the krausen was about same as us 05 but fermented a bit slower. I have another pack I will try in another brew to see if that's what happens as not all brews the same.
  13. didn't see second page now I get you also.calls it all malt lager but using dextrose guess he had a modification. Although it's Aussie lager also still looks interesting haven't used POR for over 10 years need to give it another go.
  14. is that a proper quote from someone or just fria tuck off robin hood Prince of theives?
  15. 2 weeks in keg GCL with hallertau small boil and steep just a taste so can age more struggle to upload photo the site has gone down hill. @Coopers DIY Beer Team maby the site needs a good clean out of old material? nothing but problems a few weeks before the update and worse since. @iBooz2 ill have another look I thought even for 44 litres the 2 tins 2kg of ldm and dextrose didn't add up
  16. Hello zelly did kegland recommend anything when picked up the FWK? a good start would be any type of ale yeast including US-05 or Nottingham or anbother english yeast. Even Verdant IPA yeast by Lallemand or somethingis brand. There are no right or wrongs if not entering a competition and you wont know what your taste is until try.
  17. @Mickep thanks for that info 10 grams hops seems like a small amount for 44 liters could you taste any of it? i know POR has a strong taste and aroma but just wondering. This is about the 10th time i have tried to reply here is hoping! YAY!
  18. I guess ill be able to give you feedback on it first then as i plan on doing a euro lager with it next week and compare it to the bavarian lager yeast which was a good taste.
  19. @BlackSands exactly the same experience here only ever came out lid after dropped and fell on bottle neck.
  20. when I bottled I first worried about this but if stored well and don't go playing with lids work as well as anything easy to twist compared to commercial but never had a leaker
  21. forgot to tell u blokes my missus is Sandra bullock me and old Sandy get nasty every night she loves it.
  22. is he actually serious? when zoom in looks bit like him but Hollywood got botox and plastic surgery surely not and I've been sucked into it? @Classic Brewing Co if it is the real one the actor can u tell him to tell Robert deniero he is a twat!
  23. @Classic Brewing Co he looks a bit different than in the movies
  24. @iBooz2 any feedback on bohemian lager yeast yet? that's going to be my next pilsner yeast I use had it for about a month waiting its turn
  25. Euro lager glass must be dirty bubbles on side but it's damm fine 3 weeks in keg think about to blow
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