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  1. reminds me of buzz beer from the drew Carey show. Stay awake to get drunk all over again.
  2. @Otto Von Blotto good to see you getting stocks up again.
  3. Hoppy Canadian Ale just over week in keg not as hoppy as though but nice. Just on 4.5% will let sit longer until finish my California Lager.
  4. @DavidM nice looking beer there I also have had doubts on my last 2 batches of EB last winter. Used to love it years ago but not sure if because of all the hoppy pale ales I made. Just haven't been able to get into it even after adding EKG hop flavour. Maby I need to get back to basics for it did you add any hops? BTW I'm good at p ing off people too but a real mate will always forgive eventually.
  5. @Mickep the eclipse pales is one of my favourites apart from my lagers I do. You will find it will ferment out in about 3 days with yeast slurry and should be a winner. I need to get another few batches of this on and keg one and bottle one. Nothing like some bottles stored away and find them again cleaning up or doing something.
  6. Euro lager partial mash 2 Coops tins plus a kg of JW pilsner malt crushed and mashed for 70 min on between 65 to 68 degrees. No lid used to help hold heat in this time fluctuated a bit more. 15 grams each lemmondrop and sazz 10 min boil 3 steep. Whole Euro lager slurry been in fridge for month in jars pitched at 12 degrees BF on 11. 19 1/2 litres OG 1.053
  7. sorry wrong post off topic but hey this is coopers beer!
  8. now the topic is getting interesting and back on topic and about safety. Risk of swallowing the marble etc. Not just classic type reply being the yes man telling people what they want to hear. This is coopers beer? talking to all grainers got me confused. @ozdevil please take your own advice gave me mate don't start an argument with old bloke. I mean one who has that name not the classic one
  9. @Aussiekraut good point but a bit over board a big statement like that you will want to make sure you don't ever or haven't posted anything off topic. News flash you have and you will again its seen on here every day by everyone. Starts off what's in fermenter or what are you drinking and ends up pages of other crap. Great point no fighting totally agree this isn't even a dig at you. Daily occurrence off topic hijack threads and not many could say are innocent.
  10. good like I said it was nice leave it that way don't get involved I haven't been on things you say.
  11. why do you? your the only other one I have unfollowed on here I can only see what I click on of yours. I did this time because knew you would be chiming in. We had a good understanding there for a while I don't comment or like anything you do and vice versa. You were not even leaving random emoji like the monkey/ape can we just keep it that way? it was nice
  12. @iBooz2 lol it's probably the samthat the Tasmanian show the devil asked me about. Either before my time or something that was not as bad as home and away and I forgot it. Yes the ausdevil already gave me a calm lecture about that same fact female members etc. You are right about the common feel around here boys club etc. That's just who I am a joker mainly although we all get serious I like a good muck around. Point taken ill try to think before I post but no guarantees and it just would not be really me
  13. would you also like to delete this? think it's a bit inappropriate suggesting violence and a gruesome act of ripping someone's arms off.
  14. think tap said Baltic xpa and sports bar has heaps more craft on offer suss it out after tea moama bowls club
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