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  1. after night shift I know its a beer site and I'm a loyal coopers customer who just put another order in for just under a hundred sometimes need the good scotch before bed.
  2. @Graubart and it will cool down nicely overnight
  3. @Shamus O'Sean what temp did u brew the California yeast at the higher end to test out if still like a crisp lager? They say 18 degrees is still good
  4. I have been looking at trying some mangrove jacks M76 Bavarian lager yeast cheaper dry version instead of liquid smack pack would use 2 packs. Has anyone used both liquid and dry versions and know what's better? Also is it similar or same to anything that saflager make? Also M54 California dry lager yeast is it as good as describes lager taste at ale temps? In general Is mangrove jacks yeast any good? I've also been thinking of getting the 15 gram coopers packs for their price as it's probably this same stuff but more of it.
  5. @iBooz2 whyeast liquid just found it most places are limited stock or have none did you use one pack and build a starter for yours?
  6. what brand makes the Copenhagen and diamond one please?
  7. @Barramullafella thanks anyway mate appreciate the effort
  8. if they no better I will just stick with the dry yeast then heaps more convenient and easy to store.
  9. either that or w34/70 is one of the Bavarian or Munich lager variety? they all probably similar in ways. so u reckon liquid versions make better taste? I couldn't even find one u quote on grain and grape or cheeky peak
  10. @Greeny1525229549 2124? must be lot going around that are similar was wondering if worth extra money to try unless make starter they reckon 2 packs at $14 each
  11. was this one pack of liquid yeast pitched cold or a starter? I want try good lager liquid yeast wondering if for price really need the 2 or a starter.
  12. if it keeps doing it de gass by pressure relief valve then shake keg a bit and let sit 15 min then release again then go back normal serve pressure 12 to 14 psi and try again after settles down sometime that helps mate. gas off while do it obviously then back on after done it and settled
  13. @Stickers out of your new keg? takes while work it out I still do it on occasion
  14. surprising that I didn't even leave it warm for long and have had ales come down as fast in same time
  15. coopers r3556 from 86 days pils most likely some big commercial yeast anyway chewing through the gravity points fast. Pimped up Euro lager using 3 packs 3556 pitched at 21 quickly brang down to 17 then 15 then 12 over course of 8 hours from pitch. OG was 1.054 not even 3 days later after being on 12 degrees most time was at 1.036 then today at 1.022. I suspect will finish at 14 or 16 so already raising for d rest 5 days from pitching I guess my statement and question is seems bit fast from lager yeast has anyone else experienced this? I don't normally take second gravity reading until 5th or 6th day and have only had suspected fast ferments from re using slurry. It's almost fermenting as fast as an ale is this my warm pitching? I would normally aim to pitch at 18 and drop as recommended by coopers but missed mark this time.
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