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  1. bootmaker pale ale from months ago galaxy hop tea not as strongas used to be. This one not as fizzy as others have been but cleared up nice and taste not too bad.
  2. Labour Day Victoria, 8 Hours Day Tasmania and Canberra Day ACT looks like half the country.
  3. I think if I take them out after work they will be fine the last 3 brews I have done were all out of freezer for less than hour before pitching and took off like crazy. There are heaps of people who do it all time and say have no problem. I'll just feel more comfortable in fridge as it's how suppliers do it. It's only that 2% moisture thing that I'm taking out really not a lot overall.
  4. Quick google search took me to another home brew forum that had a poster claiming to be from a yeast manufacturer. He claimed although it was fine to freeze dry yeast it actually stores better at fridge temperatures. He said that it was due to dry yeast still being 2% moisture so it was a tiny amount of damaging for each pack probably nothing would notice too much. I might go home and put it back in the fridge just in case as its in fridge at brew shops anyway.
  5. @Journeyman i meant 4 stubbies worth of slurry and had been told by some people that was one per average gravity ale so 4 more brews from those 4. I think i might make a slightly higher gravity and use 2 to be careful. Ok i hope I'm not damaging my yeast from long term freezer storage. Has anyone else done this for a while with no problems? @Shamus O'Sean @Graubart @Hairy @Pale Man I've only been doing it for a month or so before then it was in the fridge.
  6. You mean you cant freeze yeast starters or slurry without those precautions? I had a quick read very interesting thread probably not something ill be jumping into straight away. I freeze my yeast packets from advise from otto before then they were just in the fridge. I successfully re-pitched my first slurry on Saturday whole dubbya 34 from brew before but lucky i had a read here. It came from a mid 4% brew and this one should be mid 5%. I was planning to re use it again and make another one in mid 4s but might hold off and just use 2 fresh packs for next one. I also have 4 stubbies of US-05 slurry in fridge for my next pale ale that will only be about 2 weeks old by time I'm ready to use it. Ive read people say you should be able to get 4 more brews from collected sturry but unsure if will risk only putting the one in or not.
  7. just thought u got the saying wrong it's usually don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha predictive text?
  8. @Shamus O'Sean looking good from that angle dont think have to worry about ferment kicking off. @MitchBastard another good looking Aussie lager nice and clear
  9. @BlackSands find a beer waterfall so looks like glass is re filling itself
  10. @Graubart dubbya 34 garlic slurry took off like bat shit last night. Photo from hour ago sitting on 12 degrees nicely only having it on 18 for 6 hours gave it good start. Krausen missing small half moon spot at back but all seems well. Got that strong egg smell too mate
  11. thats amazing if it's real time good work
  12. good to know when you say you split brews and do different things I wonder. Now as I'm collecting slurry it's good to know how can do different things. I also noticed coopers have mr beer recepies that call for whole 11.5 gram packs and made me wonder about it as over use compared to style.
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