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  1. yeah, took a gravity reading was very similar to OG, so pitched. we'll see how it goes, its fired the whole thing up so all good
  2. I just had a brain fart moment. I mixed up a brew yesterday afternoon and the yeast didn't fire up for 24 hours. Then I read a post on another forum that said if it was a slow fermentation an infection could develop in the wort. So I shit myself and pitched in another sachet of yeast(brigalow Big W) It seems to have fired up the whole thing. Question is........obviously it was two different types of yeast ........Does that matter?
  3. Thanks Pickle, I need to get my hands on some Star San in Melbourne, Can anyone tell me where they buy it closer to St Kilda if possible? The other question is on Finings. I haven't used them yet but I have considered it, also whats your thoughts on cold crashing?
  4. G'day Fellow brewers Just wanted to ask a couple of questions, thanks in advance for passing on your knowledge. Firstly, I was thinking about how diligent I am with sanitizing (i have been using Sodium Metabisulphite) and i was wondering why nothing is ever said about the tap. What i mean by that is, there is beer left in there when I take samples to check the gravity readings, so whats the chances of it infecting my brews when I'm bottling? What does everyone think of the Coopers PET bottles? or are glass better? Cheers Bateo
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