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  1. So far so good, on the top shelf is a crown lager copy and on the bottom shelf is a corona style both from the LBS. I put down the top shelf first with the temp probe set to 12deg then 4 days later put in the bottom shelf so that I won’t have to bottle 2 lots in 1 day. From what I’ve seen the bottom shelf sits about 2deg warmer than the top shelf, just like @Greeny1525229549suggested. Both have had plenty of yeast activity and tomorrow I have to dry hop the bottom shelf. I just hate having to wait 4 weeks after bottling to find out how the experiment goes.
  2. Hi Muzzy I’ll keep that in mind, my cooling element is also at the top
  3. Hi Fergy1987 gumtree and fb marketplace are the best for picking up secondhand stuff i got this for 80 bucks and it was only a 5min drive away
  4. I thought I was lucky to get 1 fridge
  5. Hello everybody I was just wondering about how people do 2 brews at the same time, or if that is even a thing? I have 2 FVs in an old fridge with an inkbird for temp control, but I had a few queries? Would each FV have to be the same type of brew? Or just brews that require similar temperatures? Do I still attach the temp sensor to one of the FVs or do I sit it in a jar of water? If this is something that hasn’t been done before I will try to remember to document as I go. Cheers
  6. I’m not sure I want to see that kind of activity in my fermenting fridge
  7. From the searches I’ve done it looks like It comes down to the type of yeast which effects Krausen size/activity
  8. I just watched your YouTube clip about the Krausen collar that was quite a bit to action, what beer styles generate a lot of Krausen?
  9. I m always looking on gumtree and fb marketplace, I got the fridge for 80 bucks and the second FV with 60 odd bottles and caps for 30 bucks
  10. Hi all I have just scored a second FV and I was wondering if I need to actually use the Krausen collars or does it depend on the types of brews you? I can fit both in but the collars won’t move up and down which is what I’m thinking is the whole idea.
  11. Yep I’ve got the probe taped to the side of the fermenter under some foam
  12. Love how easy it is to change the settings ive got an cleaned tin with a old work light inside for a heat source( I saw it on a YouTube clip)
  13. This is a great post with plenty of advice for newbies like me i didn’t even think of sanitising my tap after doing gravity samples during my first brew, I will definitely be doing when I star my secon brew in a few days
  14. Thanks mate I couldn’t find anywhere how wide a variation was too wide Cheers
  15. Hi everyone, I’ve just started my second brew and was wondering what people set their temperature range at? l have just bought a WiFi Inkbird and a secondhand fridge, I’m brewing a coopers draught and have it set at 21deg with 1deg either side for heating and cooling, Is that too wide a temp range for fermenting? Cheers
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