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  1. Might be of interest to some - I was in BCF (Belrose Sydney) over the weekend and they had the Coopers Craft Beer Starter Kit for $39.00 - save $30.00 a few left on-shelf - not sure if its nation wide.
  2. Thanks guys, I've got a couple of packs so will aim for 10grams. @Hairy (Newby question here) but is there a rough rule / guide to the amount of yeast based on the OG? - is the OG the most reliable tool to determine yeast required?
  3. Hi All, Planning on laying my 2nd beer in the next few days (American Pale Ale) and had a question about the amount of yeast to add. - Is 7grams of Nottingham enough? Image below of what I'm trying to achieve. I've had a good play around with the Extract Beer Designer v4.2 spreadsheet and would highly recommend it to anyone new to the game and wants to learn / understand the different combinations of ingredients and results. In summary: I'm aiming for 20L APA with the Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale, Brew Enhancer 2 and an additional 250 grams brown sugar. Should I use more than 7grams of Nottingham?
  4. G'day All - some feedback / results from baking a loaf with the Coopers Lager trub over the weekend (photos below) Over-all result was pretty pleasant - very easy to make and took about 15mins of prep-time (details below) - there is two improvements / changes I'd make for next loaf 1. The end result had a slight bitter taste - a bit of googling seems to imply too much yeast (so will try less trub to start with next loaf, I started with 120grams on this occasion) 2. Salt - need to add more salt to the dough prior to cooking (added a very small pinch this occasion) Here is the recipe I went with: Starter (done the night prior to baking) 120grams tub (which I think was too much?) - will try 60grams next time 200grams flour 5grams sugar Mixed all together and left overnight, it grew quick (photo 2) - within 2 hours it was triple the size, and had died-down a little by the morning. Dough recipe: 250grams flour 20 grams baking soda Pinch salt Water Mix all dry ingredients together, add yeast starter and water to mix. Kneed until all combined. I left this mixture stand for 30mins prior to baking (200 degrees fan forced for 35mins) End result was a pleasant loaf that did have a slight bitter taste which has mellowed on the 2nd / 3rd day (and lacked salt) - both which can be corrected, the texture was light (not doughy) and had a good crust. Will definitely try again. Photos 1. Yeast starter 2. Yeaster starter after 24 hours 3-5. Pre/post baking
  5. Thanks All - will give it a try this weekend and see how it goes!
  6. G'day - just bottled my first batch and wondering if you can make bread from the yeasty mix (trub) at the bottom of the FV? - seems to be a lot of "bread from beer yeast recipes" on Google - but not sure if the FV leftover yeast is the way to go? Anyone got a simple recipe they use / like? Photo below Thanks
  7. Not taken to heart at all - Spelling was never a strong point. Today (Day 7 - SG is steady as 1.012) - will give it a day or two more to clean up and bottle.
  8. Thanks all for the feedback and advice. Will keep an eye on the SG and give it a couple more days for the yeast to settle out. Much appreciated.
  9. @Pickles Jones appreciate the feedback - thanks.
  10. Happy Father Day - First time brewer here, could anyone give me some advice on what SG I should be expecting on a Coopers Larger when its time to bottle? SG was 1.038 when the brew was laid Today (day 5) the SG is 1.012 Temperature has been pretty consistent at 23-24 degrees. ( I know this is higher than recommended) I've got the Coopers DIY kit, Coopers Larger Extract and 1kg Brew Enhancer 2 I tasted a sample today - I would describe as day-old beer, flat and slightly bitter - does this sound about right? Photo attached is from today (day 5) Thanks
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