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  1. @RDW Hey mate. It came out amazing. Pretty alcoholic (about 8% ABV), pretty citra heavy but the columbus dry hop and lactose/dextrose really increases the flavour. Will surely make it again!
  2. Thanks @Aussiekraut . It sure did ferment. Feels pretty alcoholic to me! Did the first proper taste test today. Pretty happy with the results
  3. @Gag Halfrunt Great news! It turned out pretty darn good! Good carbonation, great sweet taste and pretty solid body! Pretty nice mouthfeel. Im pretty happy with it. Id give it a 7.5 on the joel-o-meter of beers. Can be better ( especially more pumpkin next time), but damn. Pretty happy with the results. Once I nail this style, I might start adding some chilli in the boil to make it a spicy pumpkin ale. Got some Reapers and Scorpions growing out the back !
  4. Brilliant @Hairy . I do love them hoppy beers! Ill see if my mates do...
  5. I swung past the local homebrew shop at lunch. They suggest to chuck some Columbus (dry hop). @Hairy Bit sketchy though on the amount of dry hopping I should do? Was thinking 50 g dry hop to counter the 100g boil? Or should I stick with the suggested amount 25 g for 8.5 litres?
  6. Cheers Shamus. Im actually really digging the taste. Just though I might be able to add a little bit more flavour with some dry hopping. Ill stick with what I got and I reckon / hope it continues to get better with every day. It wasnt undrinkable at the start. It is definetely tasty now. Just Citra heavy haha!
  7. Hey there! So I hit up this recipe on the weekend; the Gila Hop Monster IPA (https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/gila-monster-black-ipa.html). Basically everything went well in the cooking, except I had a massive brain fart and used 100g of Citra hops instead of the suggested 25g. Now, after tasting it (post placing in fermenter 12/09/20); it was very hoppy and bitter but as the fermenting has continued and the gravity has changed the recipe has become a much more pleasant, albeit Citra hop heavy beer. It's feeling and tasting pretty good at the moment, but I feel like it needs a bit more body. Does anyone have any suggestions for another 1 or 2/3 hops to dry hop the next few days in the fermenter before i bottle? Im feeling a bit of Amarillo & Galaxy might do the trick? What are some recommendations and what amounts should I use to dry hop to give it more flavoursome body? Cheers!
  8. @Gag Halfrunt Its finished fermenting. Going to bottle it this weekend. Ive been tasting it the last few days. As of yesterday, Im pretty proud how its tasting. Ill update you after bottling and carbonation. Will give it a photo update and taste test in 2 weeks
  9. Thanks mate. Thought that might be the case. Appreciate the help
  10. Hey there! Ive been brewing for a while, just using basic Mr Beer Extracts with Coopers Craft beer fermenter (8.5 l). Ive decided to test my hand at more complex brews, and in turn I am currently fermenting the Pumpkin Rising Recipe. After the first initial brew ( and sanitising everything as per usual), it has been sitting in the fermenter. As of last Friday ( I waited 4 days), I cooked and placed the pumpkin puree into the fermenter. Previously, the yeast had been quite active but since I placed the puree in the yeast has become considerably less active ( as per my photo you can see the line from where the yeast it to where it is now). I also use a temp controller and have had it at 20 degrees celsius the whole time. Is it normal for the yeast to calm down after putting in the puree? I understand this is my first time doing the pumpkin rising recipe, but it would be great to have any guidance, ideas etc. of how to absolutely nail this style. Big pumpkin fan here. Want to make something drinkable !
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