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  1. @Pickles Jones, mate, here is one clip I found.
  2. Mate do you remember what song it was? It wasn't the Peter Jackson Get back thingy was it?
  3. Thanks heaps PJ, I'll get one and check. I think you're right though the sanitiser is probably fine. Thanks for your help mate, much appreciated.
  4. Paste or post away Sainter ol' mate, your photos of your meals always look restaurant quality mate - straight from a cook book!
  5. That's true, and this time it was a yeast slurry from a previous batch which is alright - where as the previous tippers were from fresh wort straight onto a yeast cake from a previous batch. So it's puzzling. The constants are that the FV's are in the same ferment fridge and the wort is in the same vessels, and stirred - dry hopped with the same utensils. All thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. I'm also wondering if my stellar san has lost it's potency - it's quite possibly over a year old, maybe closer to Two. I've ordered some fresh stuff. Thanks for the heads up about bleaching ratios too.
  6. Hi Shamus, this latest batch hasn't been dry hopped yet. The recent batch which is good (The 150 lashes extract clone) is fine and was dry hopped.
  7. It's puzzling because it's happened in the two separate FV's....
  8. They're in good nick really, can't discount that though. Nothing obvious.
  9. Yeah, Cheers @kmar92. Bit shell shocked at the minute....If I tip these it'll be 5 out of the last seven kegs down the chute... I might have a crack at kegging them and see if they recover - if they're anything like the last lot I don't hold out much hope. If I'm going to bleach everything do you know what ratio bleach to water would need to go with to get rid of a possible infection from the brew gear?
  10. Yep, yeast worked on the last double batch fine. The fact it's in the 2 separate FV's is a concern.... But cheers mate, unfortunately I just tipped 3 kegs recently, same off flavours . This'll probably be another 2. I think for now I'll just go back to the packets of yeast.... I'll have to grab all the brewing equipment and run it through a bleach mix I think.
  11. Yep, it's not as pronounced but the same taste. Top fermenter in the fridge is more pronounced than the FV that sits on the bottom shelf. It's def hit FG. 2 days into a cold crash I would normally see only remnants of the krausen.
  12. HELP! Please. These pics are of my latest brews in the Ferment fridge. About day 12 and cold crashing. Used a US-05 yeast slurry from the previous batch (Which by the way is fine in the keg at the minute) and it's got the dreaded off flavour I've had before. The fridge is spotless , and sanitised and the Fv's were cleaned and sanitised within an inch of their lives including the taps...... I'm at a loss...is the photo of the krausen? or whats laying on top of the wort showing signs of an infection? Should I even have this layer - it's been cold crashed for 2 days now. Any help much appreciated. Disregard the side orange light from the fridge if you will - it's not pics of Mars I swear.
  13. A little off topic but if I'm wanting to purchase two FV taps and 2 sets of O rings does that qualify for free shipping? It says it does in the blurb but every time I try and make the online purchase it adds the $15.00 shipping fee.
  14. @Popo the Degenerate PTD, same same here. Working well for me as well.
  15. Jenny, @jennyss, from memory @Tone boy has posted blurb regarding dry hopping. There's a line of thought that most of the aroma / flavour is imparted in the first 12 hours of the dry hop. So 24 hours would / should be okay for your Galaxy dry hop just before bottling.
  16. Looks good mate, and loving the beetroot addition. You of all people know the drill..
  17. So you're brewing and packaging said liquid at your work place. This is one of the best set ups I've ever heard of.
  18. The Kegland Fresh3Cubed FWK's are just a base to add to. That's in the blurb about the product. If you continue to have readings which don't seem to stack up maybe check that your Coopers hydrometer is accurate.
  19. I've done it as a lager using 34/70 (Dubbya), wasn't that fussed tbh. I've done a few lagers - If I do it again I might use Diamond. Following the instructions adding the 7 or so liters of pre boiled water to the 15 litres of wort I hit an FG of approx 1.013 -1.012 as per the recipe instructions. The ale yeast as described above is a really nice partner for this FWK....it's a great summer beer. The NEIPA fresh3 is a ripper too, 100gm Eclipse dry hop and Lal's Verdant yeast make for a ripping hazy pale ale. https://www.kegland.com.au/fresh3-cloud-nine-hazy-pale-ale-fresh-wort-kit-with-yeast-and-hops-full-recipe-kit.html
  20. @Uhtred Of Beddanburg, try the Fresh3 Lager from kegland with this recipe mate. https://www.kegland.com.au/fresh3-true-blue-bitter-aussie-ale-fresh-wort-kit-with-yeast-full-recipe-kit.html Note the approx ABV of 4.6% Add 7 liters of pre boiled water. If you can, do a dry hop of POR or whatever hops your prefer. I only use 15 grams for 48 hours - you may wish to add more than that though. Specifications:F3WK HDPE Bag Volume: 15L +-0.1L Add 7L of potable (preferably pre-boiled and cooled) water. Total Volume: 22LSG Range: 1.048 +-0.003 Est. FG 1.013Around a quaffable and refreshing 4.6% ABV Yeast: LalBrew Premium Series - BRY-97 - American West Coast Style Ale Yeast x 11g
  21. Too true that AK, there's a lot to be said for brewing AG at home. When I tasted Al's ( @iBooz2) Leigh's lager which he generously gave me 25 liters in a cube to brew at home it made me realise just what you can expect from brewing a beer you've made at home. At least what to aspire to anyway. To my taste buds the LL was insanely good.
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