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  1. Thanks @Popo @Classic Brewing Co and @thebeerpig I’ll do the rounds of the local shops and see what I can find. It appears to be a growing market with plenty of online options and a shop in Perth only selling alcohol free drinks and can imagine the staff would be good to chat to. cheers
  2. Its been a while since I visited courtesy of getting long covid. It’s put all brewing on hold too as I can’t manage the exertion of lifting bottling etc. I’ve basically stopped drinking but miss the taste and sensation of the driving itself, not getting drunk but just opening a bottle before dinner. So chasing any recommendations for good no alcohol or less than 1% beers. Is there even such a thing? For reference my normal brews were IPAs, hazys and brown and amber ales. So far haven’t ventured far, but the hardly normal, tinnies (liquor land brand) won’t be bought again. Nort brewing have some ok options but any other thoughts. And yes, I know it is almost criminal to ask in such a respectable forum!
  3. And it’s out. https://www.diybeer.com/au/rotm-coopers-vintage-ale-22.html?utm_campaign=311709_DIY Beer August&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Coopers Brewery Ltd&dm_i=4FT9,6OIL,1HA813,PQMS,1
  4. Is it just me that thinks the next recipe of the month kit will be the 22 vintage ale, and should be out any day?
  5. Reading this warms my heart! On Sunday I decided to do a quick brew and grabbed some Kveik yeast slurry that had been in the fridge for about 4 months. A quick feed of LDME and kept at 35 degrees or so and 6 hours later was raring to go into a simple kits and bits brew. Airlock activity within 30 minutes and now 24 hours later about 3/4 way to expected final gravity! Will dry hop tomorrow morning, then let floc out then cold crash then bottle Sunday! My biggest issue at the moment is keeping the outside brew fridge temp up above 33 with just a single heat belt and over night temps around 5 ! First world problem…
  6. Could be good for those that bulk prime in a second container so the yeast cake isn’t disturbed? I just bulk prime in the original fv trying to minimise stirring up the sediment. Sometimes successful, sometimes not!
  7. Bottled the 2021 Vintage ROTM today to mature until next winter, next brews will be simple kit mild ale with citra hops a kits and bits ipa with verdant ipa yeast first try of a belgian ale yeast. will add some coriander, maybe a touch of orange rind.
  8. I've been trying a bottle of this every week or so which has been an interesting process. While it seemed to carbonate relatively quickly (less than 10 days) which I out down to the kveik, it took a while to properly conditon. My fears of a lactic acid bacteria contamination have given way to the knowledge that Sabro hops are not in my top 5! The over ripe lemon flavour is giving way to a more rounded lemon creamy flavour with hints of the wheat hefe in the background. I've gone from pouring most of the bottle down the sink each week to now needing to be a certain mood and appreciating the different taste of Sabro and actually almost enjoying it. Super unlikely to buy Sabro again but did decide to bottle the NEIPA and just waiting for that to suitably condition.
  9. Thanks Marty, I'll leave the NEIPA through crashing then sample and if same notes are present won't bother with bottling, unless by some miracle the kveik hefe has turned a big corner. Cheers all
  10. @Shamus O'Sean that’s my fear - I then used the remaining 50g sabro to dry hop a FWK NEIPA that’s just started cold crash fingers crossed that both turn out
  11. I tried a few new things recently - my first kveik and my first use of Sabro hops and now I don't know if the brew needs more time to condition, I don't like the Sabro hops or the kveik yeast flavour, or potentially the batch is infected. Brew was 21L based on 1 x Preachers Hefe wheat, 500g LDME, and a 30 g galaxy hop tea steep. Fermented at 35 degrees for 2 days then as activity slowed dry hopped with 50g Sabro for 3 days then cold crash for 3 days. Bulk prime and in the bottle for (just) 10 days. Two samples so far one around day 6 and day 10. Both had some carbonation, but not quite fully done but the main flavour pushing through was like an over ripe lemon that sat in the fruit bowl for too long - a sweet sourness is my best description. I had read kveik could condition quickly so hence the really short conditioning time - I'll keep trying again in a few more weeks, but wondering if anyone has any thoughts if the brew is infected? Thanks
  12. Shifty Lizard IPA. Slightly cloudy strong malt bitterness and resiny aroma and flavour. Pretty nice but not an everyday beer for me
  13. I've also harvested yeast from cans - including some 440ml cans when they had the sale once before!
  14. First time i remember having one of these. Amber in colour and not as dark as the photo suggests. Pretty balanced sweet bitterness with fair bit of toast and maybe nuts. Very malt forward with little hop presence. Got this in a beer subscription and would be happy to turn something like this out at home!
  15. Either a small grain steep or a dry hop- both are ready and make big differences but in very different ways. Try one then the other using the same kit and temp to compare- and make notes so you know what you did!
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