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  1. if ya cant drink to this then theres something seriously wrong with ya yeah lol *yeah, just kidding, i know everybody enjoys different things
  2. if you had told me 20 years ago that i would be getting off on music like this at my current point in life i would have laughed at you lol.. these days im a sponge for quality no matter where it comes from
  3. its not on netflix but it looks fascinating ?
  4. i could knock down the whole batch in a few weeks but i like variety and having mulitiple brews on hand means some might get looked into more than others etc i think im fermenting brew number 7 currently and brew number 3 & 4 are just finishing secondary bottling fermentation stage and will be ready for drinking now, my hoppy pale ale which was my second brew is just reaching half way finished and still tastes good even though not as punchy as the first time i opened a bottle. seems at this point i will have to experience things first hand to know for sure huh ? *it does make me wonder what tricks 4pines, little creatures and all these other people making hoppy pale ales etc do to give their beers such and extended use by date on the bottles ?
  5. i like living on the razors edge, so its full speed ahead on the strange floaty bits for me yeah lol
  6. ive changed gears,, onto this now, been a while since i listened to it but on this overcast grey afternoon its going down well yeah
  7. wow i had completely forgotten this tune, thanks for bringing it back to life man
  8. pulled the time machine out once again lol "Put your headphones on! Eric Stewart, a member of the great 60's Brit Pop band The Mindbenders (A Groovy Kind Of Love), left that band along with Graham Gouldman and met up with two expatriates of the band The Mockingbirds, Lol Creme and Kevin Godley. In their first incarnation as Hotlegs, they scored big in the US with "Neanderthal Man". Changing their name to 10cc, they did not have a hit in the US until 1973 with "Rubber Bullets". Two years later Eric and Graham composed "I'm Not In Love". The extremely complex production layered more than 250 vocal tracks to create the hypnotic and lush #2 pop hit. I always wanted a longer version, and with some help from the 10cc documentary, added some new elements like the Rhodes piano solo I used as the intro here and the original bridge that was replaced by the dreamy "Big boys don't cry" line spoken over an instrumental passage. Hope you enjoy this extended version. I got my inspiration from the Patricia Arquette TV show, "Medium" 2008 episode titled "To Have & To Hold".
  9. urrrgghh, todays been a write off, think im gonna call it "beer o'clock"
  10. yeah ive experienced a bit of that bathtub ring, it seems like if you rotate the bottles on an angle a few times the day after bottling it disolves into the brew or atleast when i looked in on something i just bottled the other day it worked like that, i havent had the issue on everything ive bottled just a few here and there, there was a few random floaty things in the beekeeper brew i made recently, not sure if they are a problem ? will see in a few weeks if they have settled or disolved in the bottles ? hopefully i wont die when i drink them ? although being free from paying bills could be good also ? lol
  11. ive been using one of them pump squirt bottle cleaners that go with the bottle tree to clean out my pet & glass bottles with stellarsan, now im wondering if they are potentially getting micro abrasions on the inside when placing them on the branches of the bottle tree ? i guess i will have no choice from now on to make sure i sanitise them if thats the case yeah ? i always fill and shake with warm water a few times as soon as ive emptied the contents of the bottle and place them upside down to drain in the dish rack etc prior to any kind of sanitization so they probably get exposed to microbacterial shit anyway ?
  12. ive got the ingredients ready for the next 4 brews ready even though i just launched two new brews on the weekend lol, beyond that i do have more hops, grains, yeasts and various extracts and fermentables but im just waiting for the pieces to fall in place to know what ill do next, i would probably launch another one but need to fiddle with the car before running out to kegland to get the rest of the bits needed to run something through the new fermzilla which is just sitting idle right now lol
  13. ive been noticing that with a few of the hops in the recipe section, seems like there is quite a few hops that are now obscure and difficult to source, a few. that come to mind are the african queen hops and the pink boots combo.. i havent given up yet but its a bit annoying that they are no longer easy to obtain only a year or so later
  14. damn so it wasnt a great recipe to begin with then ? what a shame to hear.. point taken though about drinking em a fresh as possible, ive loaded a bunch more of the hoppy ales in the fridge and will be making them a bit more of a priority over the next 2-3 weeks
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