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  1. Hey @CLASSIC - I noticed your scales only display to 1 gram increments. This means that the carb drops you are measuring could be a lot more consistent in weight than you think. If one measures 3.4g and another measures 3.6g, then it's likely your scales are rounding to the nearest whole gram - so 3g & 4g. You probably need to get a set of scales that does 0.1g increments to get the most accurate picture
  2. Unfortunately this first cold-crashed brew (with 2 carb drops) I did that was a bit flat hasn't come good with time, despite being in the bottle for over 3 months. I had about half a dozen bottles left so have decided to experiment with them by adding another carb drop to 3 of them, and in the remaining 3 I have added in half a CSR sugar cube - so will see what that brings. Had to be quick when adding them to the bottle though - despite these beers being pretty flat in the glass, they don't half foam up quick when you drop another carb drop/sugar into them! The Golden Ales I did using the Muzzy MethodTM though have been great
  3. Finally a reason for watching that garbage then
  4. Not sure I want to know what you do with the vanilla ice cream while in the missionary position @MUZZY
  5. Hey @MUZZY you know you can add a hop tea to the FV as a late addition just like a dry hop?
  6. So fermentation already appears pretty much done. Don't think it's quite there at 1012, would hope for another couple of points at least but will take another SG reading tomorrow Sample tastes fantastic though! Nice hop flavour, with a good level of bitterness and very reminiscent of beers I had back in the UK. So looking forward to drinking this properly in a few weeks
  7. @RDT2 can I ask why you used less sugar in the stouts and porters? Is that due to the style of beer or just that they just didn't need as much sugar as other beers to get the appropriate level of carbonation?
  8. I didn't have any issues with using carb drops until I started cold crashing my beers, so I started to use the Muzzy Method. As a bit of an experiment though I decided to prime my last bottled brew - SMOTY ale - in different ways to see how each compares. I have broken up the 29 bottle batch into 8 x sugar cube + carb drop (Muzzy Method), and 7 bottles each of 2 carb drops/1 sugar cube/1 carb drop. Trying single sugar cube vs single carb drop as expecting to store these ones for a while. So far the 2 I have opened after 2 weeks in the bottle using the Muzzy Method have had plenty of carbonation - almost too much as if you pour it wrong - which is more than the last brew I did using this level of priming ( Dr Smurto's Golden Ale). Have yet to open up any of the others but will report back on what I find.
  9. I reckon Dennis Denuto would probably take your case @MUZZY... "It's the vibe"
  10. Ok so I finally put down the English Bitter kit yesterday using BE3 & Nottingham yeast with 20g EKG, 25g Fuggles and 30g Bramling Cross hops. As suggested, boiled the EKG for 15mins then steeped the Fuggles/Bramling for 30mins before adding to the FV. I originally intended to use 25g of each but only had 20g left of the EKG, so bumped up the Bramling to 30g to make it 75g of hops all up. OG of 1036. We'll see how it goes
  11. Laid down a Cooper's English Bitter kit today. Pimped it up with 20g EKG (boiled for 15mins) and then 25g Fuggles & 30g Bramling Cross steeped for 30min. Added the hop tea to the FV with the kit and BE3 and topped up to 23L and through in some Nottingham yeast Celebrated with a bottle of SMOTY ale
  12. @jamiek86 is that the Coopers English Bitter kit? Going to put down one tomorrow with EKG, Fuggles and Bramling hops
  13. SMOTY ale - 2 weeks in the bottle and extremely tasty. Keen to see how it develops with a bit more conditioning
  14. All I can say is this is pretty goddamn yummy! If I hadn't played around with the carbonation on these I don't think they would have lasted that long
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