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  1. Hi Lynchman, I'm not a pro so hopefully someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the bottle temp is that important and sitting at room temp, whatever that is, will be fine. Just needs to be dark or out of direct sun light I believe. I think the temp control is only important for fermentation. Cheers
  2. You seem to brew a lot of beers I like RD... how do you rate the fermzilla compared to the normal Coopers FV?
  3. I'm just looking at your hydrometers. I'm always paranoid that I'm reading mine wrong and was looking at splashing out for a tilt.. by the looks of this you just have it sitting with the FV?.. do you fill it on day 1 and just leave it the whole time? Or do you tip it out and repour every few days? Cheers
  4. It hasn't got any worse from when it turned bad really. But it's still terrible. Such a shame as it was so good. I stupidity didn't realise you could get an infection from the beer line. I figured liquid went one way through it so didn't think it could ruin your beer. I've only ever just rinsed them with the hose (its a pluto gun) as it easier. Maybe this is where the infection came from. I'll be pouring this out, giving it a good clean, and then a day in the sun I reckon.. Cheers
  5. I definitely don't go to those lengths.. when washing out the combo cleaner I just hold the keg upside down and spray the hose up the liquid line and then all around in the keg.. maybe there may have been some residue?? I poured a glass and asked my wife what she thought if the smell. She quickly said off yeast as she knows the smell from cooking.. I would have said an off sour smell but I didn't know if it was just in my head. Hence asking the wife. Taste wise it just tastes like one of my old brews I used to do before temp control and knowing what I was doing (still don't really)... just your stereotypical old home brew from the crazy uncle Tez.. Its drinkable but you politely decline the second.. The bit that confuses me though is it was ace the first 2 days, then come the weekend it turned bad?.. maybe it'll taste better again when I'm back at work so you think it was cleaning? Or brewing process?
  6. So this went from penthouse to doghouse on about day 3 or 4 in the kegerator. Any ideas why? I'm assuming I didn't clean well enough. I emptied the keg and cleaned with combo cleaner from LHBS and Stellasan, and then filled from FV straight away.
  7. Don't need wheels for 9.5l keg.... this one needed wheels!
  8. Great in my opinion but I'm only new to this as well. Maybe my beers could be better! I also thought the temp depended on the yeast, not style of beer.. (but then yeast depended on the beer). The kegland Wildwood recipe says to feement at 16° for a crisper beer, and 20° for more fruit like flavours (i think it says banana flavour??)
  9. I've been following a few different clone recipes and have been using US05 at 16°... I'm still new to it all so could be doing the wrong thing. What yeast is your go to?
  10. Another one to satisfy the masses.. this currently rates 1st for my 'commercial' tap. Coopers Pale Ale tin Wheat Malt extract 250g light crystal malt soaked overnight US05 yeast Tastes good. Especially at lunch on a work day.
  11. I just put what I'm hoping is a good S&W clone down. I tried to copy the kegland wildwood recipe (you can get it from Google search) that i did last year and was good, but wanted to use coopers tins instead. I did- Coopers Hefe Wheat tun Coopers Light Malt Extract tin 50g Galaxy hops in hop tea for 20 minutes using plunger US05 yeast I'll dry hop another 50g Galaxy on day 7 .. you've obviously got better ingredients to use so I'm sure it'll come up good.
  12. I made this for my 9.5lt keg the other day after the ice in a tub I was using on Christmas day melted too quickly.
  13. The photo that has the fridge in it has me curious on the fridge/tap set up. Did you come up with a custom idea? I've just got a second hand Keg King fridge with font, but will need to replace it one day. If anyone has a cool set up and happy to share a photo can you please post? Cheers
  14. I didn't know you could add the tea when kegging. I was just planning on doing it on brew day. I'll give keg day a go in the future. For the brew I'm planning this week I'll be doing galaxy hops for the hop tea and then dry hop more around day 7. Its going in the Coopers Hefe wheat tin with Light Malt extract tin. US05 yeast.
  15. Coopers Golden Crown Lager. Only addition to it is 250g light crystal malt. Made it for the commercial drinkers over Christmas. It's pretty good.
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