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  1. OK, so here’s what happened. Can was bulging a bit at base and fizzed a bit when I pierced it. Not a good sign, probably BE2 was like honeycomb but not a problem. added kit yeast as nutrient to the brew Pale Ale kit looked like tar. Also probably not good. OG 1.037 tasted it and was like treacle toffee. Interesting, but not quite to my taste. Saf is-05 added at 23C 4 days in and no airlock activity or krausean so did hydro test: SG 1.026. Taste was Christmassy treacly 8 days in, SG was 1.019 and still no krausean. Still tasted as above and I made the call: final photo is me putting it down my bath plug. Conclusion: I think we can all agree that I have advanced humankind’s understanding of zymology. I humbly await my Nobel prize. AA
  2. Hi folks! Any ideas as to why this would be? Fermenter bin is sealed and there is still pressure in the airlock. Some bubbles occasionally. SG is 1.014 after starting at 1.055 Temperature has been between 21 and 24C Thanks in advance for any ideas/help! AA
  3. Yeah, that’s pretty much my philosophy behind it! Thanks PBB.
  4. I moved to the UK from Sydney in 2005 and packed my Coopers screw-lid brewing kit. I have recently found it again in the cellar and done a few brews in the last few months (after cleaning and sanitising everything thoroughly) and they have turned out great! AND... I also found some ingredients... I have: 1 can International Coopers APA: Best Before 12/Aug/06 1kg of BE2: Best Before 16/Sep/06 (this has hardened) 1kg of CSR Brewing Sugar 75% Cane Sugar and 25% Maltodextrin: PKD (packed date?) 13/Jan/04. I called my LHBS (well, not so much 'L' as online) and the Beer Yoda told me that the kit would be fine and that my choice of Safale US-05 yeast to replace the (probably very dead) kit yeast was good. I've done some reading and it seems the BE2 should be OK if dissolved in a few litres of boiling water and the CSR sugar should also be OK. Both of these are essentially just sugar so should be fine - there's nothing to die, right? Anyway - I figured I'd document my efforts in case anyone else is daft enough to want to try it with an old kit they've found! I'm just waiting for the temperatire to drop here a bit (mini heat wave in the UK right now) and then I'll crack on. Before I get going, I thought some folk might be kind enough to chip in with some advice/warnings? Am I right about the sugars? Should I add any more sugars? How much of these sugars should I add? I have some new 'in date' hops (Amarillo, Cascade and Citra) and plenty of new and 'in date' Coopers Light Dry Malt Extract I could add (but the 'in date' thing sort of defeats the purpose of this experiement, so I'd prefer not to.) Cheers! AA
  5. I like Brewdog Punk IPA or Shipyard IPA sort of flavours. First time using hops so here’s the brew I’ve just put down (it’s my 5th ever brew so I’m a total noob). Coopers Pale Ale kit 1kg light DME 30g Amarillo 30g Cascade Added DME to 2l pre-steaming water Cascade @20mins Amarillo @10 mins Left both in at flame out for 5 mins (Double-muslin-bagged each and gave them a squeeze when took out of solution) Added solution to FV Added kit Made up to 21l Pitched kit yeast at 24C OG 1.037 Questions (you did ask for questions!): Is it better to steep hops in off-boiled water rather than in DME solution? Tried to keep at 24C with wet towel around and a fan pointed at the FV but temperature got up to 26C at times during bubble phase. Is that a problem? Bubble phase only lasted 24 hours. Why? I couldn’t taste any tropical/fruity flavours when sampled wort. Should they come through later or have I not used enough or boiled the flavours out? Shall I dry hop 25g Citra in muslin 3 days before bottling? If adding the hops means I’ve got to expose the beer to air, isn’t that a really bad idea? Should I have used US-05 instead/as well as the kit yeast? Thanks for this thread! AA
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