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  1. Has anyone done the mangrove jacks seltzer? If so what temp did you run it at?
  2. She'll be a ripper @Graubart!! My lagers were done around 25C and let to build naturally. I didn't encounter and off flavours so yours should be delish. I tell you what, I love being able to pump out lagers this quick
  3. @Tone boy I reckon you will get away just the jar. My quantity of yeast slurry varies and my beers are always consistent. I also check the jar for pressure build up withing 24 hours. Most of the time it's fine but I have had a couple build up pressure.
  4. For those interested I have finished brewing this. The coopers yeast performed well when used under pressure. Pressure was not applied at the start, and was left to build naturally. More experiments to come
  5. Cheers @Graubart A little pressure will be applied, most definitely pumped My current brew is coops commercial yeast under pressure. I'm not doing this at ambient though, I chickened out. Same procedure as my other Pressure ferments but at 18'C. I'm interested to see how this little fella goes.
  6. It was ambient here in SEQ a couple of weeks ago so maybe between 25-30C. The thing that baffles me is that I too normally use W34/70 and ferment under pressure at ambient temps with no problems. I have always let the pressure build naturally as well. My thoughts were that if a lager yeast can handle this regime surely an ale yeast will too.
  7. Has anyone used US05 when fermenting under pressure? I ask because I recently did a brew with it and it has turned out terrible. I left it to self pressurise, could this be where I went wrong, should I have added a bit of initial pressure to stop the ester production? The end result tastes like I fermented hot. @MartyG1525230263 any ideas?
  8. 100g of hops and you can't notice it?!? Maybe Voss really does strip hop flavour.
  9. Hey Nick it looks like the counter pressure bottle filler has barbs intended for co2 connections. This is from kegland: Features:- Foam free pulling from the keg to bottle- Bleed valve to purge CO2 from the bottles that you fill- Font mountable- Barb for CO2 inlet- Barb for beer inlet - Blow off valve
  10. Yeah I got froth when transferring to the bottle. Mine was partially carbonated.
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