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  1. I will do but reconditioning seems working so far unless other bottles are faulty. Thanks again.
  2. Yes it will mate, I like using them in stouts.
  3. Thanks a lo Thanks a lot mate. I will consider that next time.
  4. Hi mate, Thanks for your message, sorry I am bit late seeing it. once the are empty I will look in to them individually. Thanks again.
  5. That is one of the reason I use Muscavado because it's not like normal sugar and also gives nice caramelly flvr towards the beer a little. I will keep the bottles little longer see how it develops over the time. Thanks for your message.
  6. Thanks for your message but my bottles are 500mls not 740 that is the reason I use tsp of sugar.
  7. Interesting, this is my first ever plastic bottles so i wasn't sure what was going on, I will keep trying different ways. Removing rings might make difference I guess but again proof is in doing it. Thanks again for your message.
  8. Thanks Al, I have reported to Admin, hopefully it will get sorted. Thanks again.
  9. Would you be able to delete it? being your reply?
  10. Yeah muscavado is only normal sugar with molasses added and I use it to prime my stouts all the time. I will leave them little longer see how it goes.
  11. Thanks for your tip about display name, just changed. I am also experimenting to priming second time to see if i can salvage it by doing it. Beer tastes really good, probably the best beer i have brewed from the kit. I will keep checking it. I wanted to move to plastic bottles because being easier then bottles and i want to continue to do so for all my brew providing it primes properly. Thanks again for your help. All the best.
  12. 1 tsp of Muscavado per bottle, 1st bottle opened after 2 weeks from priming finished. The bottles stored in spare bedroom on shelf around 17-18C.
  13. I have started using Coopers Plastic bottles for my brews for the first time and most of my stout turned out to be really flat in these bottles, the few that I have put in glass bottles with caps are fine. I have checked the screw caps and they seem fine. Anyone can shed a light why beer is flat?
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