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  1. Yes and it is a very slow transfer. Fv is obviously above the keg so I just let gravity do it's thing So No real splash/ foam at all There's CO2 into the keg as others have suggested But normally this is from having sanitizer in the keg and run it through my beer line (cleaning) the excess froth rises up as it's filling. Yes I have to open the keg to fill and some oxygen may get in then but I seal and CO2 purge it a few times straight away. Rest and chill I'm no expert but this way is working fine as a easy filling method for me.
  2. I cut the bottle wand from the DIY kit 5mm beer line fits inside it perfectly around 60cm of line the smaller end goes on the fv tap larger one hangs inside keg works a treat for me.
  3. It was at around 20 maybe down to about 13 overnight on some cold nights was just in my kitchen next to my fv but I have a temp gauge near it I monitor with bottled brews but aim for around 18/21target
  4. Im thinking that sugar amount actually isn't enough or maybe it's is but time relavent and temp relevant is needed anyhow Firstly I do like carbanation in my beer I primmer a keg of pale ale about 3weeks ago as I didn't have any CO2 anyways as per the a thread I asked others ( primary/purgless) Anyways the advice of others which I respect was about 60g/70g but the priming calc suggests 148g dextrose I wanted like 2.6volumes I wimped out last minute and did 101g as a 50/50 based on both advice and maths i left the keg for 2weeks room temp. Hooked up to CO2 10/12psi chilling 24hrs Poured clear no head little carbanation Left again 24hrs again on CO2 still similar results. I spat the dummy turned up the CO2 to 30psi did the hole (rock and roll force carb for2mins)BIG MISTAKE I think I purged the keg and put back to serving psi and checked a few hrs later my Clear beer was now cream beer stired up the trub. Anyways I've let it now sit for about 4 days amazingly have made a beautiful tasting (Mango pale ale ) Still nowhere as clear as the original pour that I thought was under carbed but my cream beer is now (ye oldlee Mango pale ale) My point is my shake mistake aside 200g may have been what I needed to naturally prime the keg to a good CO2 volume ,I see various recipe's that call for this amount when kegging and I'm Not saying others aren't right and or the calculator online is wrong but in this situation for me that amount of sugar 101g like above id say that carbanation volume was luck to be 1.5vol Or maybe it's more time and temperature aswell.
  5. I'm looking for the bitterness level of the extract (brew) cans prior to adding additional hops etc yes it says stir and around 21c etc for draught add be 1 2 3 etc extract ,and wait for 7 days etc id just like a general round about bitter level bu for a straight out extract recipe as per instructed am I missing this inside the label does it exist .??
  6. These fancy little sugars I brought some the other day. was going to ask if anyone has ever used them the muscovado says (malases, bittersweet toffee robust notes) I was thinking they might darken up a beer about if it was added to the boil in place of say (like the midnight mosaic amber recipe ) calls for 100g of midnight wheat etc mainly for colouring id say I looked for it have to buy 1kg I'm not much of a stout,dark ale drinker So 1kg would last me forever lol.
  7. So I went into mad Brewer mode after my initial purchase of the Cooper's DIY kit anyways moving forward my first recipe maybe already done by someone but I haven't seen it so im calling this my zocasrillo draught . Made from my mistake of being unable to get the amber ale kit . Lets go : 1 xcoopers extract draught can. 150g glucose ( gluten free). 1 X be2 coopers box 1kg 25g x2 cascade hop pellets. 25g Amarillo hop pellets. 1x usa 05 yeast 1x coopers carbanation drops method Boil 5lt water and reduce to simmer in pot /wort and add glucose, ( stir till disloved) Flame off add in the Cooper's draught extract (stir 3min approx) . In fv add 2 lts of cold water and then add 2 lts of boiled water along with the be2 box.(stir till disloved). bring wort/pot back to rolling simmer add 25 g cascade hops 15 mins . add 25g amarillo hops to rolling simmer at 14 min mark ( 1min ) flame off (steep for 10 mins ) strain ,wort / pot contents to fv . add water to required level 21lt or 23lts (cold water if cooling required). pitch yeast USA 05 around 21c fermentation at 20c approx dry hop 25g cascade hops at day 5 of fermentation, bottled after 2 equal hydrometer Readings. 2 X coopers carbanation drops per 750ml OG = 1040 FG = 1002 /4.99% approx. results : good taste hop drivin draught mild bitter like beer ,good head retention and carbanation at or after day 12 onwards maturity will be highly considered. There you go anyhow knock it once you brew it cheers.
  8. Is this 60g dose like a half dose that will still need force carbanated at a later date? The priming calculator online I looked at was saying about 148 g for a 21lt at a 2.6 volume for a ale brew, using dextrose. so say in a 2/3 weeks time when conditioned I chill it hook up the gas and pour basically it will be carbed up with no force carbanation needed other than a little CO2 to push it out the tap?
  9. Turned out good very clear especially the first glass this picture is the second glass,dry hopped 30g cascade with the standard Cooper's pale ale kit went ok friends liked it bottled now for 16days if anything I'd like a bit more carbanation it might improve with age if it lasts for that long . however I'm already moving on to kegs so carbanation problem hopefully fixed next time I brew this one.
  10. Hi guys help/advice please So after 5 brews I've leaped into kegging woohoo no more washing bottles lol Anyways as I'm now waiting for my x series kegarator that's on back order along with the bloody CO2 regulator as well my question is I have 3 corny kegs ready but no way of purging them keg to remove the o2 if I fill them Have a brew around day 8 in primary If I transfer it to the corny keg do I need to purge it or will it still be ok unpurged until the CO2 regulator shows up Or should I just leave it in the fermentation vessel until I have the gas reg I'm not needing the vessel straight away but was hoping to get another brew going on the weekend or early next week will the batch currently in there still be ok at say 15 days . Or should I just bottle one more time Cheers.
  11. Yer I'm thinking everyone that stays brewing eventually graduates to Better options I seen it on YouTube but so far it's doing well for me a quick temperature fix.
  12. Watched a YouTube video ,where bloke adds 100g dry hopping of cascade to his stout the other day and weeks after bottling he's like woohoo wooo says maybe 50g next time I just did a pale ale dry hopped with about 30g of cascade I'm still waiting for my bottles to mature but from warm taste test it had a little kick without overpowering the beer
  13. I have same temp problems in North East Vic my kitchen is cold ,I went to pet shop brought 100w fish heater ,drilled 5mm hole in lid cut cord to heater,pushed it through and rewired it ,it is one of the ones with a external temperature dial so only the heating element and the temp gauge is inside the fermentor seems to work a treat for me 20c lowest I set mine to lowest spot, kept my pale ale at 21c
  14. So for those interested OG 1038 and FG 1006 ended up dry hopping with 25/30g of cascade for last 3days bottled on day 11 looks great pretty clear even though it is pale ale ,taste wise don't mind it bit of a Hoppy taste ,nice aroma etc can't wait to see how it tastes cold in a few weeks time.
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