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  1. I made this used the brigalow 1kg Dex turned out like clear non carbonated ginger wine lol . That was using the coopers carbanation drops as per bottling. Father in law also made it he used 1kg of cheap brown sugar. His is a lot better than mine was and looked like ginger beer color wise. However this said regardless of the sugar I'd be adding in like a good whack of raw ginger if I ever made this again it just isn't that gingery in my opinion. I also keg now so carbanation wise I'll be right maybe it's on the horizon in summer but I have read elsewhere there's better ginger beer extracts than brigalow.
  2. Just listened to the covid Powderfinger beyond blue event from the other month. Whilst knocking up the Aussie hop ipa off the recipe site. Theve still got it those guys even like 10 years since there good bye tour.
  3. It was the bws 60days of summer scratchy app anyways was free beer maybe that's why I thought it wasn't to bad
  4. I won a six pack of that beer on the bws app earlier in the year truth be told I actually didn't mind it maybe not my first pick from the fridge normally but can't wait for the tasting video might be something I'd brew
  5. Its just a normal hydrometer reads from 1000 to 1060 I don't normally brew anything higher than 1060 I just like it as it's glass and smaller I still use it in the coopers tube but it has the temp aswell I don't have a brew shop near me but noticed it when buying some fish.
  6. I had similar experiences with the DIY kit hydrometer it was ok and all . I brought this one from a pet shop I find it's more accurate ,also has temperature so helps come yeast time was only like $10 off memory
  7. Yes 55% and 45% CO2 and nitrogen I've read that if you keg a say 50lt CUB keg at home you'd Wana try and drink it pretty quickly say a few weeks . Where pubs go through them pretty quickly if you use the cellamix 55 it will keep the keg good for like 6months in a home environment. Not sure if it answer to old mate above question but is a gas alternative to just CO2. Be interested to hear from others if theve used it.
  8. Cellamix is a blend apparently keeps your kegs lasting longer however haven't used it yet
  9. I should add that my way is a way of quick force carbanation and I am far from being a expert i primary for about 2 weeks then keg, taking in the few rest days chill days and then the CO2 days it's about 3weeks for a dark ale/pale theres lots of experts out there funny enough everyone has different ways . My way its not as quick as the shake rattle and roll videos straight out of the primary I've seen videos and videos yes and the beer gets better with age both ways as the keg adges especially stouts etc but regardless . Ive done natural carbanation adding the calculator online amount left for 2 weeks or more at ambient temperature and then hooked up the CO2 to serving pressure . Still didn't seem carbed enough for me and definitely extra sediment in the keg still needed some co2 once tapped . But as mitchel Scott said but if you got gas why not use it . sugars cheaper yes but I'm not a tight bum trying to survive on a $20 beer budget a month so if you have the time kegs to spare and no money for gas . Natural carbonate
  10. Send some my way sorry I replied to the wrong post lol but for the record I find a good hit of galaxy and mosaic hops both at boil and dry hoped a good way off getting that tropical fruit Mango type flavour in my beers and good old bookmakers pale ale extract if you aren't using grains etc.
  11. Maybe it's a keggerator or Maybe it's a bar not quite sure but turns eyes when wheeled out by the pool or bbq come summer
  12. I fill straight to keg from fv at temp 20/21c I cold crash keg for 2/3days before I turn up the CO2 to carb Hardly get any sediment in first poor and even the last poor You can cut the dip tube 1 inch if you are really worried but my kegs have Little sediment in them at all My experience is let it ferment a little longer I know they say 7days I find around 10 to 11 days is good for me. and I don't fill the keg with the crap from the fv from below the tap I make 21lts and the keg is only 19ltd that leave me around 3 long necks to bottle they may have a bit in them but they go to friends lol
  13. Not sure about stout but dark ale. After primary however many days you do. i fill to keg give it a shot of CO2 purge the keg. I let it sit and chill about 2days and then hook up CO2 to 30psi and leave it for 48hrs then purge back to serving 10/12psi and try if it needs more then I turn it back up to 30psi for another day etc until I'm happy carbanation wise. You can shake rattle and roll etc just like others would and videos show etc , This is just how I do my kegs and what I am happy with.
  14. I brought a X series in may 3 taps font whole kit and caboodle free delivery $699 yes definitely I could have brought it all cheaper than this etc and be drilling holes in the top blah blah end of Day may have saved a $100 or drilled through a refrigerator coil line and thrown $199 in the bin. old keezers and fridges are great , $50 fridge $100 tap kit and off you go but still need things like inkbird etc with keezers, old fridge freezes up one day etc eventually it all adds up. Id say it's a 50/50 question build or buy myself I've done both but can't find any fault with my new X series to-date.
  15. Yes and it is a very slow transfer. Fv is obviously above the keg so I just let gravity do it's thing So No real splash/ foam at all There's CO2 into the keg as others have suggested But normally this is from having sanitizer in the keg and run it through my beer line (cleaning) the excess froth rises up as it's filling. Yes I have to open the keg to fill and some oxygen may get in then but I seal and CO2 purge it a few times straight away. Rest and chill I'm no expert but this way is working fine as a easy filling method for me.
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