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  1. Stout has been sitting in the bottles for 38 days now (5.4 weeks) will be trying one tonight to see how it tastes.
  2. Hey mate so far it doesnt taste bad but probably not what I expected. Can taste a bit of the brown sugar and the libbys pumpkin puree, will have another one tonight and report back lol
  3. Hey @Royce75 could you please give me a brief step by step of how you made it? Cheers
  4. Hey Guys, Just wanted to share the results of my Riptide Ale. 8 Days in Wort, dry hopped on day 6. Bottled for 2 weeks at about 16-18c in a cupboard. Had my first ale last night and it was tasted like a beer that I would pay money for! Not bad at all plus the old man loves it! Cheers!
  5. Hey mate how has the beer turned out? I am super keen to try a RIS with Coconut just unsure how I should be adding the coconut (i.e during primary fermentation or racking into a secondary fermenter then adding coconut). Any advice appreciated!
  6. Hey everyone, While my 6 different beers are fermenting in bottles I was wondering if anyone could give me some hints regarding a Coconut flavoured RIS? Would I be advised to rack the stout after 4 days of primary ferment into another vessel then add coconut pieces, then cont fermenting for another week or 2? Any ideas or help appreciated!
  7. Thanks guys I will try another one in about 2-3 weeks time (which will be 6 weeks in the bottle, and see what its like !
  8. After 3 weeks of sitting in the bottle I tried some of my stout, not bad but not mind blowing. Wondering if it will taste any different in a few more weeks time!
  9. Hey mate, I just finished bottling Mister Sinister after a 13 day ferment (OG 1061 - FG 1004). Made sure it all went into glass tallies as I will prob keep a few bottles for more than 8-12 months. Looking forward to trying it in a few weeks!
  10. My dream would be to have some nice Bunnings shelving for my 3x fermenters but I cant fit them in the Laundry! Once your done expanding your brew space we need to see some photos !
  11. I would say shelving is a good start to clear up some room!! Good to hear about the Bonus!!
  12. Hey mate not to sure why the gravity was so low, hopefully someone will be able to help you out and congrats on your first brew!!!
  13. @Thirsty Jim hey mate totally understand, unfortunately where I am Pumpkins are a luxury so we decided to take the plunge and use the tin I am hoping to taste my first pumpkin ale in another weeks time or so !
  14. Hey mate, any questions just ask and I will let you know how this one turns out in about 2 weeks or so!
  15. Wanted to try and capture the baked flavour of the Pie mix
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