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  1. After 2 days of no action I decided to add a 2nd packet of yeast. There was visible fermentation within about an hour. Lots of movement over the next day. It's now lighter and much cloudier looking... like coffee w/cream. I'm guessing(hoping) this will clear over the next 2 weeks. Thanks for replies.
  2. hey yall! Sorry if this was asked somewhere, couldn't find it if it was. Just got my new Coopers DIY kit and started my first brew last night(about 20hrs ago). Looking for a little advice going forward. Started a cerveza kit with 1lb of light DME and 1lb of dextrose added. The DME clumped up pretty bad, and although I was able to get most to mix in, there are now some chunks of it floating at the top of the fermenter. I also don't see very much action as fermentation goes. A few small patches of bubbles at the top... but there were some rising bubbles in the gravity tube sample I took about an hour ago. The kit is sitting at a stable 72F. ...Shouldn't there be more active fermentation by this time? Was wondering if I got a bad yeast. It looked kinda rust colored and brittle, like toasted coconut when i added it. Also, do you think it's a good idea to scoop out those floating clumps of DME with a well cleaned and sanitized strainer at this point? (Am I over thinking/stressing this?) Any advice much appreciated.
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