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  1. Haha auto correct strikes again! To be honest I am just looking to experiment a little and have tried a few beers from craft breweries that included fruit flavors and were quite nice. I wouldn’t want the fruit taste to Be overpowering, more like an aftertaste, I wouldn’t mind trying raspberry or mango. I do recall trying a raspberry wheat beer now that you mention that. What stage of the process would it be best to add this and would you recommend fresh fruit or a purée? Thanks again
  2. Hi all I am fairly new to the brewing scene, have completed a larger and ginger beer which was a year or two ago and both turned out ok. I am looking at getting back into my brewing with this whole isolation situation... Just wondering what everybody’s experiences been using fresh fruit in their brew? What type of beer did you brew (larger, blonde, etc), what fruit worked best and at what stage of brewing did you add it? Sorry if this has already been discussed. Cheers
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