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  1. I reckon that's a bonza idea. Make one a control group and fart about with the other. Bit like like giving one person hydroxyclouroquinnine and the other a placebo. Could have a lot of fun here. Guess I would need another yeast for the experimental batch in the first instance regardless. Thanks for the tip
  2. Thanks, that gives me some confidence. And certainly from my own experience with a 1.7kg can in10 litres I can testify that it is a beer way too bitter. Tossing up which way to go next; either use 2/3rds of a can with some dextrose and then do another brew after that with somethings goes with the first- then using the two remaining thirds for a toucan brew or, alternatively, just hopping an unhopped malt extract and see what I get. I have a week or so to think about it in any case as my fermenter is tied up with my lager..
  3. Hello, I have just started this adventure and been making ten litre batches. Why? Because I don't drink that much butI like making stuff and a list of other reasons I can give if pressed. I started by just putting in a 1.7 litre can of Coopers PA in 10 litres, pitching the yeast and got a brew that was not great: but I drank it regardless. Did a dark ale, threw the can in with a cup of dextrose and I got something that was ok but still not great. 6+ on the alcohol tho. anyway 6 brews later I am up to a lager made with a Golden Ale Malt extract with a S-23 salfager yeast brewing at 15 degrees. (not hard to do achieve Ballarat) Guy at the brew shop raised an eye brow when I said what he was doing but nevertheless....... Anyway my question is if anyone can help if I am going to hop and unhopped malt extract do I have to boil the lot? It would be very convenient if I just took 300 grams of the extract, boiled it in a couple of litres of water with my hops and then chucked the rest in the fermenter taking it up to the ten litres. what say you lot?
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