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  1. Who's in Scotland? My name might be Scott but I'm in Melbourne, VIC.
  2. I've had some mixed results with the dry hopping. I asked in another thread if I was doing something wrong and asked people to tell me how they went about it. I thought i might have had some bad hops. I'm going to do a side by side IPA with one dry hop and the other with just the hops from the boil. I will se how that goes.
  3. BTW...thanks for all the advice people. Ended up finding a nice little upright fridge (no freezer so saves a little space) for $80 on Marketplace. Inkbird on order from ebay and then we'll be up and running and will see if the "fermentation chamber" will improve my brews any.
  4. Could you use flow control taps or flow control disconnect? Then you would shorten the lines couldn't you?
  5. I did this one about mid last year. I left the beans in until I was bottling it. I found over time the coffee became a little too pronounced. The extra lactose sounds like it will be a good move, and pulling the beans early also sounds like a good choice. Will be interested to see how it all turns out.
  6. Various size batches, mainly do smaller, 10L batches so I can experiment and try variety. Have been sharing them with people at work when I can. But the lockdown in Melbourne in 2020 left plenty of drinking time. Couldn't go anywhere. Not great for the waistline though.
  7. 24 for me. Started with extract and moved on to all grain for a bit of fun. Still trying to get that right. my clothes are also tight after drinking too much during lockdown here in Melbourne.
  8. Plenty of bottles on hand. Mainly thinking from the point of view of fermenting at the moment. Would be nice to be able to cold crash as many suggest and to get some lagers going. Kegs and dispensing down the track but yes, understand I couldn't do both at the same time. I have looked at those very briefly. Don't you need other equipment for the FTSS? Correct me if I'm wrong. What sort of $$ are you looking at for that setup?
  9. So I currently don't have a beer fridge. No way of cooling my fermenter so have been doing climate appropriate ales through the warmer months. Needless to say, no cold crashing available. I'd like to be able to control temp consistently but don't want to spend a bundle (unless my beers get really good and really consistent and I can justify it to the wife). I've been wondering about getting a kegerater and using it as a temp controlled fermentation chamber as well. You know, two birds one stone, use it to help ferment and then refit when needed for dispensing. I currently don't use kegs but thought this might be a way of slowing moving that direction. What are your setups at home for fermenting, heating and cooling? I'd like to know how people have gone about this. If I went something like the kegerator would it be as simple as using that for the fridge, plus my heat belts I currently use when needed, and something like an ink bird temp controller? I like the look fo the grainfather conical fermenters but I don't really want to spend $800 on a fermenter and then the glycol chiller that would need to go with it. Thoughts and ideas and suggestions all welcome. Thanks awesome brew buddies.
  10. Two small batches in the fermenters at the moment. An American Wheat Ale and a Black IPA. Just brewed and hot cubed another small batch Weizenbock. Just in the last week have bottled a Belgian Pale Ale and a London Brown Ale. Yes, I've been busy during holiday time
  11. https://hoppydaysbrewingsupplies.com.au/product/eclipse-hop-pellets-t-90-formerly-hpa-016/ https://beerco.com.au/products/eclipse-hpa-016-au-hop?_pos=3&_sid=d7d9031e4&_ss=r https://www.grainandgrape.com.au/products/category/search/8HOP ECLIPSE 250G--eclipse-hops-hop-pellets-250g https://www.kegland.com.au/eclipse-100g-pellet-hop.html There's four places with current stock that I frequent for various products. I haven't used them in a brew yet. I have them sitting around still in a sealed bag. Vic Secret as a replacement as @Stickers says would probably be a good option. I've used Vic Secret in a few brews and I'm really liking it. It's not on their website yet, probably too new, but Hoplist is a great resource for finding out options for using hops and substitutes. http://www.hopslist.com/
  12. Sounds like some experimentation is in order. I just hope I don't waste a lot of beer in the process.
  13. I've used a hop sock, tie this up, add some weights and pop it in. It sounds like I'm doing pretty much what you're saying here. However, I did notice that even with the weights, the hop sock did float at times. If it's not fully submerged would this be a source of infection or oxidisation? I'm just looking at all possibilities. Let me know your thoughts. Appreciate the thoughts as always @Shamus O'Sean
  14. Have no way of cold crashing at the moment...need a beer fridge
  15. I haven't seen or heard of anything coming out in the near future. I think the current version 3 has only bee around for about a year. You might want to contact one of the suppliers, kegland for example, and ask if they know anything more.
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