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  1. Hi, New to this game, and i'm thinking of using a pressure barrel, (wife fed up with having bottles all over the place). Could some one advice me, what I should use and quantities for second fermentation please. 23litre brew.
  2. Lab Cat, are quantities for a 23 litre brew?
  3. Thanks to you all, your advice taken onboard. Will let you know how i get on. Happy brewing.
  4. Many thanks to you all. Will do as advised. Happy brewing
  5. Hi, I have just started brewing my own beer and on my first attempt things did not turn out too bad! Drinkable, nice and clear, smelled ok and tasted quite nice. I was a bit disappointed with the ABV 3.41%. I brewed a "Coopers English Bitter" I used a Coopers beer enhancer for fermentation, opening gravity was 1.034 final gravity 1.008 for 2 days. The temperature varied between 22-24 centigrade for the 7 days. Is there any way i could get an higher ABV% say around 5%? Plus would be glad to listen to any advice. Cheers. PS. did not have a top when poured,
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