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  1. Thanks for the reply man! here i leave you the recipe!
  2. Hey guys! i just wanted to ask a question. My recipe says 14 days of dry hopping with amarillo. i want to know if i put the wort mix in the fermenter and then add the yeast and after the hops? or should i add the hops first and then the yeast? Thank you guys for the help you are always giving! CHEERS!
  3. Hey Guys! i want you to ask you a question about bottling, after i bottle the beer and i leave to take place 2- 3 - 4 weeks of the other fermentation, can i just leave the bottles in any other room temp or in the fridge? for the year to come? or should i just get a box and place them there? thank you!
  4. Hey guys just trying to find help. in many of the recipes i see pilsner (2-row) is that a brand or a type? and if so what sort of brand are they? Thank you for everything guys!!
  5. Hey guys! how you been? just wanted to ask you a question about good ideas about cleaning the brew urn or kettle also for fermenters after and before brewing also what sort cleaning products would you reccomend? Thank you for everything!
  6. Hey guys! could you reuse the grain bag? and if so which ones do you recommend buying and how to clean it ! thank you!
  7. Hey guys, can anyone explain if is okay the Whirlpool method brewing in a bag? also adding hops to the whirlpool, what is the method guys? Thank you for your help!!
  8. Hey guys, how are you? What's a good website for all grain recipes? for beginners. easy recipes. step by step guide if possible!! thank you!
  9. Hey everyone! on the recipe i am making it says that i need Thomas Coopers Preacher's Hefe Wheat , but i couldn't find in my local store and i bought Morgan's wheat beer instead because he recommend it, are they similar? is it fine to use it instead? Thank you for your help!
  10. when it comes to the fridge and you want to have the temperature to 20 degrees what do you use to heat up the fridge?
  11. Can someone please explain the no chill method and how long it needs to be? thank you!
  12. Hi, Thank you all for reading this post and if you could help me i very much appreciate it. I am thinking in buying a Crown urn 40L and i am a very beginner about all this. is there any place where you could find the step by step guide on how to brew your beer? Also i wanted to ask is this equipment all in one? Do you need anything else for your brew or you can make your beer in there with no problem? Thank you for your help and hope you have a good day!~.
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