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  1. First taste tonight. Very good at 6 days nice flavour with a good hit of coffee. Will do again same recipe maybe a little less coffee at 300ml. ABV is 6.8%
  2. My first go at stout with coffee. I saw that essence in my LHBS but thought fresh coffee has to be better. Wasn't keen on trying it, see how this brew turns out.
  3. Good evening. The coffee I put through my stove top perculator , using fresh ground beans, then chilled and added to the wort.
  4. Put down a toucan stout today. 1 can coopers stout, 1 can coopers dark ale, 1kg brown sugar, 400ml expresso coffee from ground coffee beans and 25g East Kent golding hops steeped for 30 mins. Can't wait to taste it. OG 1060.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Ended up going normal stout can as my LHBS had no Irish can. 1 kg of dextrose and 500g dark malt, 25 g fuggles hops steeped for 30 mins. Will let you know how it turns out.
  6. Hi all. I am thinking of trying the Irish stout in the recipe section which is pretty basic ingredients. 1 Irish stout tin and 1 kg BE3. Any suggestions on anything else I could add to get a more flavour?
  7. Onto my 4th brew since getting back on the homebrew wagon. Will consist 1.7 kg coopers pale ale, 1.5 kg light amber malt liquid can ,1 kg dextrose and vic secrete hops at 23-24 ltrs.My question is what will my ABV be with those fermentables?
  8. Yes first brew back in the game still happy with results it's drinkable. Pale ale is tasting even better drinking a few now. Time to get second Fv going 1st is in use now doing the missus a Apple cider. Going to run out of beer at this rate lol.
  9. Not bad for a larger coopers. 18 days inn the bottle now. My pale ale tastes better at 9 days old in bottle. No more larger brews for me.
  10. Mine is reading low see 1st picture 2nd pic is spare I got with other Fv. Both read low in tepid water.
  11. My pale is the same very dark couple of hours into fermentation. Used BE1 and 500g light dry malt. I think it's normal.
  12. Bottled today after 6 days fermenting. Og was 1035 fg was 1003 very happy at 4.7 %. Will let you guys no when o taste it. Stayed at 18 degrees for whole fermentation.
  13. Ended up tossing it and bought fresh can of pale ale. Started it today.
  14. Bought another FV today with bottles bought as was cheap $30 . Inside is this mix can out of date see pics. Is it still safe to use?
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