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  1. Cheers for that Ben10, looks like the gear I need. Will look into it soon enough.
  2. Cheers Otto. Seems to. Ale sense as to why they don’t have them anymore
  3. That is a waste, must have been cheap scotch
  4. Cheers greeny for that.
  5. Hi All, one question I have been meaning to ask is about the Coopers FV not having the old style air locks. i remember when I brought a brew kit when I was 18 as an apprentice they had them and now they don’t. is there a reason for this and is it any better with out them on the Coopers FV’s? cheers in advance
  6. What would be the pieces of equipment you must have if you wanted to start doing all grain/ hops beers. That is using a 23L FV from coopers.
  7. I have read that hairy and it is very informative. Will have to look to buy some more equipment cheers for that
  8. Hi Ben10, I have looked at the grainfather but not looking to go that deep financially yet. looks like I will have to buy some more equipment. I have an outdoor burner plus a stainless steel pot that does about 8L, so that may not be big enough to do I think. I gather you use an electric urn? Seems like a lot easier idea than a pot and probably cheaper to buy as well.
  9. Cheers Marty will look into it
  10. There is nothing in Innisfail and I have seen the Kuranda brew shop on the web. will have to go up sometime soon and have a look.
  11. Hi Ben 10, looking to move away from malt extracts altogether and move into grains and hops. As for grains I was just going to look at what’s available online, other recipes, what other people use for the brews I like and I suppose just trial and error. I wasn’t sure if there is a ratio or not when using grains to wort size. As for using the grains I gather you boil the grain for a certain amount of time as this would be the first step in the whole brewing process.
  12. Hi all, When using grains in your brew is there a ratio of grains used to the size of the brew? I am looking to brew Pale Ales and the like. cheers in advance for any info.
  13. Yep talking about the large Coopers FV.. cheers for that will give it a go once I get everything I need.
  14. The recipe on Coopers site is called double hops bomb IPA and I quite like taste. Just seeing if anyone has upscaled the small batch recipe to suit the 23L FV. If not I will just give it a try anyway, if would have to turn out really bad for metro waste it all.
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