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  1. Having a go at my first FWK today, a Stronghold Assassin Double IPA base. I added 1 Lt of Pineapple Juice and 4Lt of spring water to the wort and 10g of Mangrove Jack’s Belgian Tripel M31 yeast. Will dry hop with Vic Secret, Citra and Topaz hops at day 4/5 and add another 2Lt pineapple juice once primary fermentation complete. Hoping this turns out okay. I was actually torn between the initial Pineapple IPA recipe on this site, bastardising an IPA wetpak for the same or the FWK. Might try wetpak next time just to try the grain aspect. hope everyone is well and brewing up a storm!
  2. Cheers for that @Journeyman I’ll just put it down with the juice near the end and see how it goes
  3. Hi team, I’m wanting to put down a Pineapple IPA this weekend and looking to enter it into the Ian H spreadsheet so I have an idea of how / where I’m at. My trouble that I have encountered is that Pineapple Juice is not in the spreadsheet adjuncts list and I have zero idea of how to get the required info for it i.e. EBC, Potential & Fermentability. Anyone have experience in this and able to set me in the right direction? Cheers and beers you mob!
  4. My version of the XPA (used El Dorado & Azacca hops instead of Simcoe & Lemondrop), also used a 100gm extra of the light crystal grain. The hops make for quite a nice heady aroma of fruit and some welcome bitterness. 6.8% in the bottle and at 3 weeks is a tasty drop with good head retention and mouthfeel.
  5. True story @Lab Cat! I’ll have to take 20% off the looks
  6. I bought a USD $8 lifetime premium membership to https://www.beerlabelizer.com/ you can save your label designs and download as PDF. For printing I actually use https://app.print.avery.com as I use this brand of label from office works. Very easy to add your own design.
  7. How many bottles did you get out of your cider?
  8. I did similar with the El Dorado and Azacca hops. Did you use the Australian Pale Ale can?
  9. Drinking my “Rona XPA” more of an IPA I guess in the end but bloody beautiful! It was an attempt at the Coopers XPA but I wasn’t able to get the simcoe or lemon drop hops. I used El Dorado and Azacca hops in the boil and also dry hopped.
  10. Motueka, Azacca and El Dorado are also a couple of hops that impart a tropical fruit flavour and aroma. I’ve used these before with positive results
  11. Hey @Shamus O'Sean, cheers for the feedback. Looks way different to be fair, do you have a clean copy of the IanH spreadsheet? Not sure where in the forums to look for one, I've just previously downloaded ones that I have seen.
  12. All done and waiting for it to carbonate. Was short on time because of work so it ended up 15 days in the FV, OG 1.050 FG 1.001 (not sure why?) great flavour and aromas.
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