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  1. How many litres would I start with ?
  2. thanks for the help I managed to try the first recipe posted, it was my first time moving on from just doing the tins it came out quite dark and tastes like Tooheys Old, its got that burnt wood smell and taste
  3. I watched some you tube I think I got it now thanks for the advice cheers
  4. thank you although I am more confused, may I please ask what would be the process then
  5. I know this is an old thread but I have a Question, never done this before - so sorry if its stupid When boiling the cluster and extract are they done separately to the steeped gains or is it all in the one pot ?
  6. cheers thanks for the reply's I tried CUB just to see what hops they used and they said that was a close guarded secret why rice and how long has XXXX been using it for ? speaking of XXXX you reminded me of something I saw recently searching for recipes https://www.change.org/XXXXBitter
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start for a recipe of Powers Bitter, have looked everywhere cant find a thing
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