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  1. Can anyone tell me how to determine how to control my overall volume, I'm looking at making a brew around 3.5
  2. Thanks for the info. what if you added both to a brew?
  3. Morning all, can anyone tell me what the difference is between the two and which is best to use, also I see coopers do 3 grades of enhancers but not sure what the grades mean. thanks
  4. Thanks to everyone who got back to me, your comments were very helpful. I am also new to forums so if I didn't get back or send a reply twice, you know why, I even sent a reply to myself (don't ask)
  5. Hi, trouble is, I have never been on a forum so lots to learn
  6. Thanks, it looks a bit complicated but I will thanks for that, it looks a bit complicated but I will work it all out over time
  7. Cheers, I have had a look and it looks nice and easy
  8. thanks for that, funny thing is just after I sent the message I found the very same sight you just mentioned. do you know the difference between the cooper enhancer grades as in 1 2 3. many thanks
  9. Hi All My name is Mick and I am new to this game and have my first coopers beer on the go, can anyone tell me if there is an on line tool that can calculate the strength of my beer. I watched a coopers video and it said there is one on the coopers club page but I cant find it. many thanks
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